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This article is imported from the old MTS2 wiki. You can help Sims2Wiki by cleaning it up. It's original page with comments can be found at http://old_wiki.modthesims2.com/CPerson
The title of this article should be cPerson. The initial letter is capitalized due to technical restrictions.

""cPerson"" (objt) Data Block

Header (as specified in WDB)

DWORD   : Block ID
DWORD   : Block Version
7BITSTR : Block name

Data Section

 --> FD4F2EC7 cLocomotable Block
 --> cAnimatable Block
DWORD : unknown
DWORD : Count n

Repeat n
  DWORD : unknown

  DWORD : Count o
  Repeat o
	7BITSTR : AnimationName
	FLOAT : unknown
  End Repeat
End Repeat

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