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''' http://www.komosims.net/ ''' The Komos!ms fansite has beautiful, classically elegant  wall and floor sets to furnish your sims homes. 
[[Image:komosims.jpg|thumb|right|A screenshot of the Komos!ms front page as of 16th January 2007.]]
Komos!ms is a free site, but active membership is required to download. While Komosims does accept donations and has donation gift sets, donations are not required to access the site or to get downloads.
There is a small and gifted staff of wall creators who each contribute their own special styles of wall and floors.
Komosims creators:
* Komosims
* SimLin55
* VonNdaSun
* Simnuts
* JucIEJ1991
* Francien
* Maltha
* RubyTuesday
The forum is where everything happens.  http://www.komosims.net/forum/
* Builders Help Desk
* daily Finds
* Contensts and Challenges
* Special Downloads
* Upload section
* Announcements
* Chat
* Etc.
==Site Owner==
http://www.komosims.net is owned by [[Komos!ms]]
==External links==
[[Category:Hosted Sites]]
[[Category:Hosted Forums]]

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