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How to Set a Decorative Object's Environmental Rating I have noticed that the Environmental score of decorative objects is often listed as high as 10 but the price does not correspond to this. As far as I have been able to determine the actual environmental effect of an object is [i]only[/i] determined by its price, whereas the catalogue Environment score number has no effect. In other words the score as shown in the Buy Mode catalogue is only a guide for the player but it does not actually affect a Sim's environment (room) motive.

To set the Environmental score that is displayed in the catalogue, use SimPE to adjust the [b]ratingRoom[/b] value as shown under the "RAW Data - Catalog Ratings" heading on the [url=http://simswiki.info/wiki.php?title=OBJD]OBJD resource[/url] page in this Wiki.

To actually cause an object to significantly improve a room's environment, adjust its price to an appropriately high value, as shown under the "RAW Data - Catalog Price" heading on the [url=http://simswiki.info/wiki.php?title=OBJD]OBJD resource[/url] page. The ratingRoom value can then be adjusted to correspond to this price.

The following list of Basegame decorative objects can be used as a guide for setting the ratingRoom value to a number that is approriate to its catalogue price.

*** Environment Score vs Cost ***

Score Cost GUID Name

0 §12 0x4CA170EB Shocking Pink Flamingo

1 §30 0x6C75B8BD Frost de Fieur Bud Vase 1 §35 0x0CDA10DE Waderfall 1 §80 0xCCC50291 Korean Keumungo 1 §120 0xCC6CC226 Red vs. Blue Oil Portrait

2 §150 0xAC80A424 Chinese Opera Mask 2 §200 0x8CC50511 Musee Public 'Collection Sculpture' 2 §300 0x2CE0A6C7 Collage in Black and White 2 §333 0xAC75B83B Fruitless Fig Tree

3 §335 0x8C7B340C Floor-Length Tieback Curtains 3 §350 0x6CDB8991 Rainy Day Main Street 3 §425 0xECD8C479 SimCity at Night

4 §475 0x0CD8C44B Suspense 4 §500 0x8CA69948 Ancient Transport Urn 4 §600 0xACC50126 In the Beginning

5 §650 0xECDA1186 Winter Blossoms 5 §700 0x4C637E17 Bangpae Yeon

6 §800 0xBCCA44AB Transcendence 6 §900 0x2C7B5516 Exotic (Non)Screen

7 §1000 0x2CDA0DCC Bella Squared

10 §1500 0x8C6CC5AC Immobile Chimes Mobile in Steel 10 §1500 0xCCDA18FA The Meaning of Fruit 10 §3000 0x4C637B37 Ha-hye-tal Mask 10 §3500 0xECC4FDBE Open-Wall Wall Fan 10 §4000 0xEC6A3430 12th Century Song Dynasty Vase 10 §5000 0x0C7B5397 The Fourth Element Wall Hanging

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