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How to Set a Decorative Object's Environmental Rating in the Sims 2

I have noticed that the Environmental score of decorative objects is often listed as high as 10 but the price does not correspond to this rating. As far as I have been able to determine the actual environmental effect of an object is only determined by its OBJD Price in conjunction with its OBJD Niceness Multiplier, whereas the catalogue Environment score number has no tangible effect. In other words the score as shown in the Buy Mode catalogue is only a guide for the player but it does not actually affect a Sim's environment (room) motive.

To set the Environmental score that is displayed in the catalogue, use SimPE to adjust the "ratingRoom" value as shown in the OBJD Catalog Ratings section.

To actually cause an object to significantly improve a room's environment, adjust its price to an appropriately high value, as specified by the OBJD Catalog Price. The "ratingRoom" value can then be adjusted to correspond to the OBJD Catalog Price.

The following list of Basegame decorative objects can be used as a guide for setting the "ratingRoom" value to a number that is approriate to its catalogue price.

Environment Score vs Cost

Score Cost GUID Name
0 §12 0x4CA170EB Shocking Pink Flamingo
1 §30 0x6C75B8BD Frost de Fieur Bud Vase
1 §35 0x0CDA10DE Waderfall
1 §80 0xCCC50291 Korean Keumungo
1 §120 0xCC6CC226 Red vs. Blue Oil Portrait
2 §150 0xAC80A424 Chinese Opera Mask
2 §200 0x8CC50511 Musee Public 'Collection Sculpture'
2 §300 0x2CE0A6C7 Collage in Black and White
2 §333 0xAC75B83B Fruitless Fig Tree
3 §335 0x8C7B340C Floor-Length Tieback Curtains
3 §350 0x6CDB8991 Rainy Day Main Street
3 §425 0xECD8C479 SimCity at Night
4 §475 0x0CD8C44B Suspense
4 §500 0x8CA69948 Ancient Transport Urn
4 §600 0xACC50126 In the Beginning
5 §650 0xECDA1186 Winter Blossoms
5 §700 0x4C637E17 Bangpae Yeon
6 §800 0xBCCA44AB Transcendence
6 §900 0x2C7B5516 Exotic (Non)Screen
7 §1000 0x2CDA0DCC Bella Squared
10 §1500 0x8C6CC5AC Immobile Chimes Mobile in Steel
10 §1500 0xCCDA18FA The Meaning of Fruit
10 §3000 0x4C637B37 Ha-hye-tal Mask
10 §3500 0xECC4FDBE Open-Wall Wall Fan
10 §4000 0xEC6A3430 12th Century Song Dynasty Vase
10 §5000 0x0C7B5397 The Fourth Element Wall Hanging
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