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* Toggle moveobjects off
* Toggle moveobjects off
[pre]tm.moveobjects on/off[/pre]
<pre style="width:30%">tm.moveobjects on/off
==If That Didn't Work...==
==If That Didn't Work...==

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  • Rooms saved appear empty.
  • Sharing/Moving lots causes the items on the first floor to be removed.
  • Rotating or Moving a house around leaves the objects in their original positions.
  • Furniture does not move when saving a room or lot to the Gallery
  • Furniture does not move when resizing rooms



  • Toggle moveobjects off
tm.moveobjects on/off

==If That Didn't Work...==

In nearly every case, a mod/hack was the cause for this issue.  If you have removed all custom content or don't have any custom content in your game and the problem still exists, you can post a question in the [http://www.modthesims.info/forumdisplay.php?f=691 Game Help Forum].

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