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| [[Sims_4:0xD382BF57|0xD382BF57]] || FTPT || scene ||
| [[Sims_4:0xD382BF57|0xD382BF57]] || FTPT || scene ||
| [[Sims_4:0xDB43E069|0xDB43E069]] || ||  ||
| [[Sims_4:0xDB43E069|0xDB43E069]] || UNKN ||  ||
| [[Sims_4:0xE231B3D8|0xE231B3D8]] || XML || objmod || ObjectModifiers
| [[Sims_4:0xE231B3D8|0xE231B3D8]] || XML || objmod || ObjectModifiers

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Type ID Abbr File type Comments
0x00B2D882 _IMG dds DDS Image
0x015A1849 GEOM geom Body Geometry File?
0x01661233 MODL scene Object model (aka object geometry)
0x01A527DB _AUD mm audio snr (voice/aud)
0x01D10F34 MLOD scene Object model LODs (aka Object Geometry Lods)
0x01EEF63A _AUD mm audio sns (fx/music)
0x025ED6F4 SIMO xml Sim outfit
0x02D5DF13 JAZZ jazz Animation sequences
0x0333406C XML xml Font configuration
0x034AEECB CASP caspart CAS Part Data
0x0354796A TONE skintone
0x0355E0A6 BOND bonedelta
0x03B4C61D LITE light
0x067CAA11 BGEO blendgeom
0x1A8506C5 XML mmusx? ModalMusicWrappings
0x1B25A024 XML sysx Sound properties
0x220557DA STBL stbl String table
0x25796DCA otf Fonts
0x26978421 cur
0x276CA4B9 ttf Fonts Symbols
0x2F7D0004 PNG png Look like background blends
0x3453CF95 DDS DDS DDS DXT5 RLE2 Image
0x376840D7 AVI Video Starts with 'SCH1'
0x3C1AF1F2 PNG png Used for thumbnails
0x4115F9D5 XML mixbus Various sound configs
0x545AC67A DATA data Unknown
0x5B282D45 PNG png Thumbnails
0x62ECC59A GFX gfx Scaleform GFX (CasIconProfileFaceLeft)
0x6B20C4F3 Looks like animations?
0x71BDB8A2 sfpusp? possibly sfpusp (doubt it though, looks a bit random)
0x8EAF13DE _RIG skeleton
0x99D98089 XML imusx? Button UI event mapping
0x9C925813 PNG png Thumbnails
0xA576C2E7 XML mapx sound? some kind of config anyway...
0xAC16FBEC References several GEOM resources
0xB6C8B6A0 _IMG dds DDS Image (overlays?) I think its faces and skintones as well
0xBA856C78 _IMG dds DDS DXT5 RLES
0xBDD82221 Magic is 'AUEV'
0xC0DB5AE7 I am sure this is some type of VPXY but not as we know it - Inge
0xC202C770 XML trax Music Data File
0xC582D2FB XML voicex XML File
0xCD9DE247 PNG png Thumbnails
0xD382BF57 FTPT scene
0xDB43E069 UNKN
0xE231B3D8 XML objmod ObjectModifiers
0xFD04E3BE brobx?
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