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I would like to see an additional entry entitled something like, "How NOT to break your mesh."  This section would cover those little details that often are overlooked by new meshers OR, are left out by experienced meshers who wrote tutorials.
Warnings such as:
1:"Here is how you do it to add a new part to a body mesh
Dr Pixel"
2: "Notice also that you do not ever want to use "fix integrety" on a body mesh after the first time. If you do, it will un-link your mesh from the BodyShop recolor .package, and you will have to do that part all over again.
Since I have never seen a Maxis body mesh with more than three groups, it still might not work - 3 might be the maximum.
Dr Pixel"
3: Don't weld your seams
4: If you snap the front and back vertices of a flat item together, the UV map won't color the back side.  Just line up the vertices instead.  etc.
[[User:Porkypine|Porkypine]] 13:35, 10 January 2007 (CST)porkypine

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