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Bubbels Resource is a fansite offering 100% free sims 2 content.



Bubbels Resource offers clothing for male and female sims, ages toddler through elder, as well as accessories, cosmetics, and skintones. They also offer walls and floors. They are also a member of the Federation for Free Sims Sites.

Terms of Use

You're free to use the downloads in your own Sims 2 game, and eventually share them with friends, but you cannot upload them on your own website! You can use the creations in Photostories etc. and publish them without express permission, but it's always nice to get some credit! You cannot claim the creation to be your own. If you want to base a new creation on one of the downloads, you can e-mail the owner.


Bubbels Resource is owned by Daphne, 23, from the Netherlands. When She's not with her horses, she likes to create some stuff for the Sims 2. She doesn't play the game herself a lot. Her English isn't really good, but she hope you'll understand what she means. She would love to have some affliates/sister sites, so please contact her if you're interested.

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