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Closet Fusion is a free fansite offering general bodyshop CC.




This website is no longer available.


Closet Fusion was founded by Novasound and Limedudette, and specialises in punk and goth content.


All The downloads featured are creations of novasound & limedudette for ClosetFusion <3 unless stated otherwise

You can recolour the custom creations for personal use only. Do not upload the recoloured version and claim it as yours!

If any of the creations requires a mesh, you must include the mesh in your Downloads folder (My Documents/EA Games/The Sims2/Downloads) for it to appear.

Do not redistribute the files anywhere without permission or upload it to pay sites!

Please do not upload the creations to the exchange without proper permission from its rightful creator.

Meshes are included in each file unlike before.

You may use our work in any your images or previews, it is afterall one of the reasons they are created =) It would be nice if u wish to give its creator credit or adding a link back to the site but you're not forced to =) Feel free to send us a link to your image if you want... It's sometimes cool to see how they're used ^_^

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