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Garden of Shadows forum

Garden of Shadows is an offshoot for Digital Perversion, a free site hosting well-known goth creator Liegenshchonheit's work. The forum was started because there are not many places for like-minded creators and fans to congregate, so it was decided to create one. Several of the most prominent creators of "goth" or dark custom content in the Sims community call this forum "home", and though each creator has their own individual policy, most are simple and based on "Don't steal and don't post my stuff on paysites" as this is a free, filesharing community.


Downloading at GoS does not require registration (though it is free to register if one wishes to), and there are several areas in which to find custom content goodies, usually of a darker nature. One of the most popular sections is for hair, converting meshes to the opposite gender and applying different textures and edits of meshes by other creators:

  • Dollies (Complete Sims and pets)
  • Doll Parts (Genetics, Clothes, Makeup and Accessories)
  • What Lies Within These Walls (Houses and community lots)
  • Antiquities and Other Oddities (Objects and other items of decor)

Addtionally, there is a lot of information for the beginner, from basic tutorials to a forum where one can upload their creation and be "critiqued", with tips and pointers to improve their work.

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