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Glamorous Lounge is a sims 2 fan site which focuses on releasing high-end designer clothing. It is established and maintained by popular skinner Rene who ran another trendy fan site, Sims24Ever which closed in 2006 and marked the beginning of Glamorous Lounge. The site has become a driving force in the sims2 community, inspiring multiple skinners in owning their own sites and following its style, to name a worthy few: noaNikko, La Jeunesse, TBL sims, Donna Moda and Masique Couturelle.


Work and Content

Started in early/mid 2006, the site immediately went off with a bang after the closing of Seraims, one of the most iconic fan sites to date. Starting with a handful of ready-to-wear pieces from designers such as Dolce & Gabbana, Versace and Diesel, Glamorous Lounge sooned climbed higher, producing more couture pieces and more clean and functional meshes. The site was also targeted as a Pay site for its 9 Donation packages (and more possibly to come) which exhibited a strong collection of both clothes and objects. The site is also one of the very, very few which makes usable perfumes for sims.

Presence in the Community

After about a month of updates, Glamorous Lounge was a surefire hit in the sims community. It had a strong collection of Affiliated sites (close sites, owned by friends and equally talented modders) such as Siluetta Sims, Murano Mobilia, Voguesims, Shaklin and Rosesims2. After a while, sites like Stylist Sims and La Jeunesse joined the collection. Now, Glamorous Lounge is found on almost every site's links page and gets a significant amounts of affiliation requests.


Although the road was seemingly perfect, Glamorous Lounge had some bumpy tiffs. Early in its reign, the site became a public enemy with popular site noaNikko, a site known for its bitter arguments and frauds. Glamorous's Rene claimed noaNikko was stealing from her work and of course, this was denied. These accusations were never proven, and nothing happened except complaints and accusations.

Another controversy is Glamorous Lounge's edited previews. Complaints on Sims 2 Forums claimed Glamorous Lounge over-edited its previews to make them more desirable.

One last controversy is evident stealing. Though the site has an impressive collection of meshes itself, some of the meshes on the site were not made by Rene. Clothes that were released in the very beginning had meshes made by Elau and Rosesims2. No credit was ever given to them. Similar things occurred with meshes from Simchic and Serasims, which Glamorous has small similarities to.

Sims 3

Though Glamorous Lounge is loved in the Sims 2 community, no announcements have yet been made about its future, namely when the Sims 3 is released.

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