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Jump to: navigation, search (or, as it's known) is a free The Sims 2 fansite which houses custom content from a number of creators, and a bustling social element where you can make some new friends of fellow sims players.



A screenshot of the InSim front page as at 6th March 2006.

InSIM is home to over 400,000 members. It remains entirely free, although it does require users to sign up prior to downloading content. InSIM is supported the generosity of members who choose to monetarily support the Sims 2 modding community.

InSIM was run by Kathy and Eric until late November 2008. At that time, it was sold to Walt Thiessen. came about from a backup of the original Insim site and was then moved onto a seperate SMF based system (the original used vBulletin)

There are active forums on the site, divided in different sections. These include:

  • The Community contains the Main Forums, Sims 2 Discussion, Sims 2 Help and Community Downloads.
  • Resident Creator sections include Amun-RA's Dark Obsession, BlooM's Base, Frezia's Atelier, KarialSim Enchantress & WadeB's Parlour, M6's Architecture, Netra Creations, Nymphy's Cradle, oneblondemomma & Franciele's Boutique, Ranger's Ramblings, ReginaS's Sims, Squinge's Mods, Wirelessguy's Wired Up Endeavors and XPTL297 Xtreme Creations.
  • Retired Creator Section includes Enayla's Escapade, Jay's Home for Fallen Angels, Marvine's & Beosboxboy's Projects and Warlokk's Tower.


InSIM dot org came into existence in December 2008 from a backup of the original site.


Administrators for the main site are Ali, Caffeinated.Joy and Paden.


  • Established as a community-run site 5 Dec 2008

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