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M.E.D.A is a fansite offering 100% free sims 2 clothing and decor.



M.E.D.A offers lingeire, swimwear, couture, urban, and many other styles of clothing, as well as wallpaper, floors, and decorative objects.


Name: *~mEda~*

Age: 20 something ;)

Location: Toronto, Canada

Contact: info[at]

Specialty: Original Clothing designs and mesh creation

Interests: Creating Sims2 custom content, designing my next tattoo, playing the Wii, shopping, photography, eating and blogging.

Meda is an Environment artist for a video game developer based in Toronto, Canada. Her specialty is modeling, texturing and lighting. She loves creating environments but is also extremely interested in fashion design.

Terms of Use


These are for your PERSONAL USE ONLY! If you plan to use any of Meda's creations as bases for redesigns, recolors etc, please contact Meda at info [at] before doing so and get proper consent from her. Please do not take anything from the site and claim as your own. Please don't put it up on the Sims Resource or the Sim Exchange ( or ANY OTHER PAY SITES!


Please feel free to re-skin and upload to the MTS2 site or any other FREE SITES for others to use - BUT please mention that Meda is the creator of the mesh (and for recolors of the skin if you are recoloring the original skin that came with the mesh), include the Readme file so people can be clear on installation as well as terms of service, and link to the site. Please contact Meda if you will be recoloring the original mesh so she won't repeat the designs.

Please DO NOT put it up on the Sims Resource or the or ANY OTHER PAY SITES! Everyone had worked very very hard on these. It wouldn't be fair to anyone if people abuse this honest system.

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