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Rat Productions is a fansite offering 100% free sims 2 content.


Rat Productions offers clothing for children through adults, male and female, as well as cosmetics, skintones, and eyes. They also have a small modeling agency, and some furniture downloads. The site is in English and Dutch.

Terms of Use

Uploading Rat Productions' creations to the official exchange or to other sites without express permission is forbidden; recoloring the creations for personal use is alright, but please don't upload these recolors to other sites or to the official Exchange by EA Games without permission.

Rat Productions would be glad to see new creations on their meshes. Feel free to include the meshes with your downloads, but please also include the Mesh-ReadMe and give credit to Rat Productions.

External Links

Rat Productions is closed now, but lives on at Sims 2 Graveyard

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