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Sim Media is a fansite dedicated to the stories that are produced without using the Storytelling tool. Furthermore, it offers a small selection of downloads as well as a forum.


Sim Media includes SimTV, where a variety of shows from different genres, including Drama, Suspense, Comedy and Reality, are aired as scheduled. Furthermore, the site also hosts The Simmies awards for general fansites in the Simming world, including well known websites such as All About Style. The Forum is an active and welcoming environment pretaining to both the shows and general Sim related antics as well as real life. Hosted shows include Pleasantview, Asylum, Crystal Town, Sim Street, Sim Sketch, Downtownies, Obsidian and many more.


The founder of this critically acclaimed website is Jon, who has been involved in Sim storytelling since the release of the original franchise in 1999, and has developed and maintained this hugely entertaining and successful site.

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