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Sims2studio is a fansite offering 100% free sims 2 content.



Sims2studio hosts a variety of different movies made with Sims 2; in addition, it also offers decor, lots, terrains, and clothing for toddlers through elders.


The owner's name is Apryl, and she's a 30-something Sims fan. She's been playing Sim games since SimCity came out on Super Nintendo back in 1991. Her husband and her are raising their little boy and their beagle. When she's not Simming, you'll find her swimming, writing, reading or doing some real life stargazing.

In 2005, she won the Maxis New Beginnings movie contest. She also won Best Drama and Runner Up for Best Film in the next competition, the Maxis/USC Student Life contest. That lead to a unique opportunity that allowed her to work on the Sims 2 ad campaign with the good folks at EA.

Terms of Use

The Sim community thrives on sharing but please don't claim the creation as your own. Using the creations in movies and hosting on your own site is allowed. If you do use something, giving credit is greatly appreciated.

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