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Sims99 is a fansite dedicated to promoting Machinima films, including Sims 2 movies. It includes films made with other game engines, as well as Animation and Live Action shorts, but the bulk of the films are created with The Sims 2 engine.


Details provides a new resource wiki, help articles, an active forum for moviemakers and fans, a machinima creators workshop (called The Sims99 Moviemakers Workshop or SMW) and various other tools and resources for helping machinima creators improve and promote their work and access to thousands of movies made by its members.

Every month Sims99 has a 'Best Movie' contest open to all movies added to the site within the current month and periodically has other contests for filmakers and members.


The founder of this critically acclaimed website is known online as Nova (real name:India) and on many sims sites (including modthesims2 and the official EA Sims 2 website uses the screenname'nova4708'.


Sims99 officially folded in August 2010, although its forum had ceased operating for almost a year prior. The site owner, India Drummond, stated, "I decided to take the site down, as I am no longer involved in the machinima community".

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