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Currently, is the biggest and most widely known The Sims Series Fan Site in Turkish.



SimsTR is the first Turkish The Sims Site, established in July 2000. SimsTR is a totally free, and doesn't need any registiration for any content published in the site. It serves as the meeting and communication center of thousands of Turkish Sims Fans.

The main aspect of the site in 2000 was a "Turkish Sims Portal which would recompense the absence of an offical Turkish Sims Site."

In 2003, SimsTR established the roots of its current forum system, which was evolved on the idea of "Solution Central", but in order to answer the need of its community, in last years, it enlarged into many aspects like Design Forums, Story Telling Forums and finally General Chat Sections. Today SimsTR hosts largest well organised help database in Turkish, and a large Turkish Sims Fan Community

In September 2006, site finally launched its own Download Section, prepared by assigned SimsTR Sim-Designers as addition to the "My Designs" Section in the SimsForum. Download area is currently featuring more than a thousand design for The Sims 2, mainly focused on clothing.

Site is prepared without any commercial worries, for the sake of the game and being sure that everyone enjoys it!!!


As addition to the latest news from the community and Maxis, SimsTR features reviews, gaming tips and tricks, cheats and strategy guides about The Sims games and their expansions.

Download Section hosts custom content created/recolored for The Sims 2 by SimsTR Staff, in both Turkish and English languages in

SimsTR's community meeting point, featuring a well-organised help center, a popular story-telling-series section called SimsTR-TV, Member Designs, Show-your Sims/Houses and regular chat sections.


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(In Alphabetical Order)

- Ekinege
- Harmonia
- Knuckles The Echidna
- Rubi
- Veron

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- Black_Manga
- Ekinege
- Jamelia
- Harmonia
- Wendy

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