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This is the SBC's logo. Click for High Quality Image.



The Sims Broadcasting Co, or SBC, is a production company whose content is created exclusively on The Sims 2 for the PC. It was established in August of 2008 and under went many changed before launching to the public in September 2008. The company uses youtube to host their series media, and piczo to host their website:

Production Content

Their content is similar to that of CBS's reality show line up and news shows including: Sim Brother 1 (SBC)(Big Brother), SBC's the Early Show (CBS's the Early Show.) Also the announcement of Sim Brother 2 has been made official by the SBC. It will launch in February 2009.

SBC Series with Wikis


The SBC wasn't always the SBC. Before the name Sims Broadcasting Company was coined to this new Sims production company it was called: Sims Productions, and even before that it was called: Sims Big Brother TV. The name 'Sims Big Brother TV' is still in use with the first season of Sim Brother but after that the name will be retired.

The SBC's logo went through a few changes before the modern style was created. Here is an example of an early logo for the SBC: Simsbroadcastingco logo copy.png

Not only was the logo a bit bulky it also included the copyrighted Sims logo in it. The new logo does include the sims style "S" in it BUT that is a font used by the SBC and is okay to use in their logo. Here is an example of the more commonly used modern SBC logo: SBC logo resize for wiki copy.png

The new logo is loosely based off of the British Broadcasting Company's (BBC) logo. Though the lettering is completely different. The idea of the boxes was taken from the BBC.


The creator of the SBC, Sim Brother 1, and The SBC's the Early Show, Daniel N. of the USA has had many influences in the creation of his "company". A major one, and many others can say this but, Sims Reality Network, Kevin Munro.

Other Sim Big Brother Series

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