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Since World Adventures arrived and Users started exploring the various aspects of the 3 vacation worlds, one question keeps coming up, "How can I reset the tombs?"

You send your Sim(s) on an Adventure and decide to explore one or more of the Tombs on your own or by an Opportunity/Quest.  Once the Sim(s) have explored the tomb all the doors will be left open, traps will be disarmed, etc.  If you attempt to use another Sim from the same Active Household, the tomb state remains opened as left by the first Sim. Alternatively, if you switch to another household and use one of those Sim(s) to travel and explore tombs, you will find the lights have been reset, but the doors and traps will be unchanged.  In either case, treasure spawn points will continue to spawn treasure as other spawn points continue to spawn seeds, gems, metals, etc.


Apparently this issue is by EA design and not a bug/glitch.  When you consider the opportunities associated with tomb exploration are limited to a One Time Only scenario.  With this in mind, it seems that tombs are to remain in their unopened state until a Sim explores them, and then they will remain in an opened state for any other Sims which you choose to explore the tombs.


There is no known solution for this issue, as mentioned above, it appears to be by EA design.  So it amounts to one Sim per game, if you want another Sim to explore an unopened tomb, you must start a new game.


Remove Opportunity Restrictions

There are Tuning Mods available for download, which remove the Once Only restriction on Tomb Opportunities such as this one:
Unlimited Adventures for WA 2.3.3 Update by Shimrod101

Replacing Tomb Lots

This guide is intended to help those who wish to replace explored tomb lots to their original unopened state.
If you have used "Edit Town" on community lots in Sunset Valley or Riverview, the concept is the same with a minor change.

Saving the Tomb Lot

  • Resettomb1.jpg
    Travel to the Vacation World you desire
  • Once your Sim arrives, go into "Edit Town"
  • Choose the tomb lot(s) and save them to the Library

Once you have a copy of the original, unopened tomb lot, you can have your sim go through the tomb, explore, plunder, or
otherwise desecrate as you see fit.  Once you are sure you are finished with the tomb(s) with the current Sim, you will need
to replace the tomb lot with the Library copy.

Enable Lot Locking

In order to Move/Delete lots in Vacation Worlds you need the Cheat :enablelotlocking.
  • While in the Vacation World, enter "Edit Town"
  • Bring up the Cheat Console by pressing:   ctrl + shift + c
  • type the following:   testingcheatsenabled true   and press   enter
  • Bring up the Cheat Console again
  • This time type:   enablelotlocking true   and press   enter

Replacing the Tomb Lot

Once you have unlocked the lot(s) for moving/deleting:
  • Click on the Map Tag for the Tomb Lot
  • Click on the Lock icon to unlock the lot for editing
  • Select the Bulldoze Tool and click on the Map Tag for the Tomb Lot and remove it.
  • Select the appropriate Tomb Lot from the Library and place it on the plot
  • Resettomb4.jpg
    Click on the Lock icon to lock the lot again
  • Repeat these steps for each Tomb Lot you wish to reset.

Disable Lot Locking

  • Open the Cheat Console and type the following:   enablelotlocking false and press   enter
  • Bring up the Cheat Console by pressing:   ctrl + shift + c
  • type the following:   testingcheatsenabled false   and press   enter

Now you are ready to have another Sim plunder and pillage the tombs.

Information obtained from this thread

Re-Enable One time WA Opportunity/Resetting keystones

The final piece of the 'WA tomb reset' puzzle!


The following procedure has not been well tested and requires editing of save games manually.

  • Step 1: Download Sims 3 Neighborhood Workshop
  • Step 2: Open savegame with Sims 3 Neighborhood Workshop. Found in username\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Saves\(worldname).sims3\
Example filename: Riverview_0x0859db43.nhd (Likey digits will be random, first word will be world name of the MAIN world)
  • Step 3: Click Advanced editor, Current household should be already selected and open.
  • Step 4: For keystones, delete all entries in mKeystonePanelsUsed->mKeys, And mKeystonePanelsUsed->mValues->0
Do not delete those keys, just the entries in them.
  • Step 5: open mMembers->mSimDescriptions
For each key inside (0, 1, 2, etc, each one is a sim) do the following:
  • Open X->OpportunityHistory->mCompletedOpportunities
  • Delete any keys that start with 10, These are the ones that tell TheSims if you have completed that opportunity or not.
    • I believe all opportunities starting with 10 are from WA only, 7 appears to be base game.
    • Leave 7's alone or you'll lose things like the completed cooking/planting opportunities.
    • (Conversely, if you figured out the right code, you could GIVE sims those abilities)
  • Step 6: Repeat all these steps for the China/Egypt/France .nhd files if they exist. Unsure if this is required. Further testing is needed. (may only need to do the savegame where your sims currently are)

I do not believe any opportunities for WA are stored in mCompletedHouseholdOpportunities. But they could be. If any of those values start with 10, they may require removal.


  • You still need to do the above 'Replacing Tomb Lots' or import your family into a new sims game for full tomb reset
  • Importing your family to a new sims game will NOT reset keystones or opportunities.
  • Unsure what happens if you reset opportunities but not keystones or visa versa.
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