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Vampires: Everything you need to know! Bleh!

All you ever wanted to know about vampirism... But were too terrified to ask...

Vampires are included as part of the Nightlife expansion, but becoming one, and exactly what it means to be a vampire can be a little complicated.

Vampirism is contagious - in order to become a vampire, you have to get bitten. In order to do that, you'll need to find a vampire. Grand Vampires are the carriers of vampirism, and will infect your sims so they can become creatures of the night. Muahaha!

Grand Vampires

Grand Vampires are vampires of the old style. With blueish skin, red eyes, fangs, and rather fancy formalwear, they're hard to miss. Grand Vampires are those that you'll need to build a relationship with in order to get bitten.

Male Grand Vampires wear a tuxedo with tails, with their hair neatly parted and combed back. Female Grand Vampires wear a very grand medieval-looking dress with a showy gothic necklace, and have long hair with a jewel at their foreheads which matches the one at their throats. Their skin will always have a strange blue shade, though their hair colour will vary.

Both male and female Grand Vampires stalk around covering their faces with their forearms, going, "Bleh!" Their names always start with "Count" or "Contessa."

You really can't miss them.

Other Grand Vampire Facts

  • Aspiration: Pleasure
  • Sign: Aquarius
  • Job: Professional Party Guest
  • Simoleons: 50,380 (the size of their bank account)
  • Though Grand Vampires are NPCs (like the maid or nanny) they are the kind you can marry, should you wish to do so. You can even cure them of vampirism, though they'll continue to stalk around and "Bleh!"
  • Each Downtown neighborhood will always have four Grand Vampires, two male and two female.

How to Find Grand Vampires

Grand Vampires will appear randomly on downtown community lots, only at night.

Though the built-in Downtown has a couple spooky places like the graveyard and gothic nightclub, vampires are just as likely to show up at the bowling alley (or any other downtown community lot) as any "spooky" lot.

Grand Vampires will generally show up within the first sim hour or so after getting onto the lot, so it may be helpful to go to one lot, hang around for a little while, then try another lot if you don't find a Grand Vampire within a short while.

Alternate method to find Grand Vampires

You can also see Grand Vampires through use of the Gypsy Matchmaker... It's also a bit random, but...

First, make a sim with Pleasure, Romance or Popularity aspiration. Set their turn-ons to Vampirism and Formal Wear. Call the Gypsy Matchmaker and ask her for a blind date. Make sure to do it at night, and pay her the maximum amount.

Alternately, make a sim with Fortune or Family aspiration who is turned off by Vampirism. Call the Gypsy Matchmaker and ask her for a blind date. Make sure to do it at night, and pay her the minimum amount. The problem with this way is that, while the Grand Vampire is likely to show up, you will have terrible chemistry with them and it will be harder to get them to bite you. But hey, at least you found one, right? Maybe you can introduce them to a friend...

How to Get Bitten

Why would a vampire want to spend eternity with someone they didn't like? Before you can get a Grand Vampire to bite your sim, you'll have to make friends with them. Interact in a positive way with the Grand Vampire to become friends with them.

It can often be easier to raise relationship with a Grand Vampire (or any sim) by just talking to them once or twice on a community lot, so they are added to your sim's relationship panel, and then calling them from home to chat.

Your sim will need a daily relationship of 40 or higher (depending on logic skill) to get bitten. The higher the relationship the better - being best friends can be helpful, as can be having good chemistry. Pleasure, Romance or Popularity are likely to have good chemistry with Grand Vampires. Also, if your sim is turned on by vampirism and formal wear, they will be attracted to the Grand Vampires.

Alternate method to get bitten

Influence a Grand Vampire to bite a sim. Find yourself a Grand Vampire, but you don't need to waste any time talking to them. Just make sure you have enough points saved up in your influence meter and "Influence to... Bite neck... (whoever)". Quick, simple and painless (for you, at least!)

RightArrow.gif Being a Vampire:

Pros and Cons of Vampirism


  • At nights, needs never decay. Party till dawn!
  • Socializing at night can be easier, as your sim will always be in a good mood at night.
  • Promotions can be easier as vampires can train skills non-stop all night.
  • Vampires do not age.
  • Vampires cannot drown or starve to death.


  • Vampires die quickly when exposed to sunlight. Keep your vampire indoors and asleep during the day! If they do get killed, you can bring them back via the Resurrect-O-Nomitron that came with University.
  • Needs/motives of vampires will decay faster than normal during the day.
  • Vampires can die running to the carpool if they have a day job and their needs are too low.

Other Vampire Info

  • New social interaction - "Bleh!!!"
  • Vampires can move in different ways - "Stalk here" and "Fly here" options. "Fly here" transforms your sim into a bat and they fly from place to place.
  • Vampires produce a special set of photos when using the photo booth.
  • Vampire sims will get a blue tint to their skin and red eyes. If you do not like that tint and Maxis textured red eyes, you can find default replacements that remove or change them at Sims 2 Wiki Content List: Holidays: Halloween and Horror
  • Vampires can reproduce, but any offspring will be born normal - not as vampires.
  • During the day, your vampire should go sleep in their coffin. This will prevent them from going outside and dying from exposure to sunlight.
  • Vampires will autonomously wake up from sleeping inside the coffin when the sun goes down.
  • When sleeping in the coffin, their needs will stop decaying - except for comfort/energy, which will replenish as they would in a normal bed.
  • You can wake a sleeping vampire early by using the "Rise" interaction on the coffin.
  • Other sims can peek into a coffin of a sleeping vampire and get quite a scare!
  • During the day, vampires will never accept an invitation or date if you call them on the phone.
  • If you want your vampire to woohoo, they will need a double bed or car - there's just not enough room in a coffin.

Curing Vampirism

Vampirism can be cured at any time by buying a bottle of Vamprocillin-D from the Gypsy Matchmaker. The potions are kept in your sims' inventories, so you can buy them whenever you like, including before becoming a vampire. You can buy up to 10 bottles at one time. You can use the "Influence" interaction to cure an NPC.


Thanks go to the following users for contributing information that has been integrated into this FAQ. ~Squash-buddy-ven~, WooHoo, Ghanima Atreides, and sidneydoj

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