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Sectional - Education Adjustor


Options available on the education adjustor:

  • Add influence points - Add influence points to a sim (via a dialog) ...from 1 to 5000 at a time (you still need the requisite amount of friends to increase the amount of points that you may have)
  • Max influence capacity - Maximizes a sims influence capacity. This may not be a permanent change, depending on the amount of friends that your sim has.
  • Secret society - Add/remove young adult to/from secret society.
  • Class performance - Set the grade of a young adult (university) or teen/child (normal lot)... Updated for college so that GPA automatically updates.
  • Hours until FINAL - Set the school clock to any desired amount of hours (via a dialog), add/remove from 1 to 100 at a time, Reset the school clock to 72 hours or set the school clock to 2 hours left (FINALS time).
  • School type... - Public school, Private school or No school... for Teens and Children.
  • Change major - self explanatory
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