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Sectional - Mortality Adjustor


Options available on the mortality adjustor:

  • Resurrection - Resurrect any ghost in the neighborhood from the current lot, including the long dead.
Note: Ghosts can only be resurrected (as per game rules) if they have a tombstone assigned to them (the game automatically unlinks all resources from a ghost when the ghosts tombstone is deleted).
  • Life state - Change a sim from zombie to sim or sim to zombie (University specific). Turn your sim into a vampire or cure vampirism (Nightlife specific).
  • Locomotion - Set a sims/ghosts locomotion to Ghost walk (float like a ghost) or Sim walk(walk like a sim)
Note: Maxis has it set up so that Ghosts can only float for short distances so long distance travel (crossing the lot) is not possible when using the Ghost walk option.
  • Ghost flags - Set/Clear ghost flags to/from a sim (Is a Ghost, Walk through walls, Walk through objects, Walk through sims, Ignore traversal costs or All ghost flags).
Warning: When using the Set Ghost Flags.../Is a Ghost option to flag a sim as a ghost, the flagged sim will disappear from the active lot with a message stating that the sim has died on another lot. This is by Maxis design. This option is mainly here in case you have cleared a ghost's Is a Ghost flag without actual resurrection and should only be used with a great deal of caution. When using the Clear Ghost Flags.../Is a Ghost option to flag a ghost as a sim, the flagged ghost will be added to the Default family (the family that the Grim Reaper and Social bunny, among others, are assigned to). This is by Maxis design.
  • Suicide... - Kill your sim 9 different ways.
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