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Sectional - The Summoner


Options available on the summoner:

  • Restore Family... - This simply summons residents (individually or all residents) who have been deleted, either accidentally or on purpose, back to the lot. This was added due to the fact that some options in game (i.e.: move-out) will not work unless all residents are present and accounted for or in case you deleted someone and do not wish to reload your lot just to use the resident again.
  • Summon... - Teleport neighbors to your lot (with special effect). Families are organized into their own submenus. Ghosts, NPCs and Townies are placed in their own submenus. A sim already present on the lot will not be duplicated.
NOTE: Ghosts can be summoned to a lot but the game is set up so that they automatically disappear. Some ghosts (when their tombstone is deleted) are completely dead to the game, their character resources are removed from the game leaving only a thumbnail and character description (for family tree purposes) of them behind. The completely dead ghosts cannot be summoned.
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