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Mod The Sims (or MTS, as it's sometimes referred to) is a free Sims 2 fansite offering a wide variety of custom content to download, along with an extensive help and tutorial section. The site mainly focuses on creation of objects and downloads. It was formed in 2004, 6 months prior to the release of TS2's base game; and MTS has one of the world's largest standing collections available custom objects, clothing, hair, and other items to download for both The Sims 2 and The Sims 3.



A screenshot of the MTS2 front page as at 6th March 2006.

With well over a million members, MTS is easily one of the largest Sims fansites. It remains entirely free, although it does require users to sign up prior to downloading content. MTS is supported through banner ads and the generosity of members who choose to monetarily support the Sims Modding Community.

There are active forums on the site, divided in different sections. These include:

  • Game Help, which provides faqâs and help threads on bugs, installation procedures and how to get custom content in the Sims 2 game.
  • The Create section offers modding tutorials and advice, dealing with everything from help creating clothing, objects and meshes to building new lots.
  • The huge Downloads section on the site hosts custom content, with featured items by some of the best creators on the net. The content includes objects, houses, clothes and hacks as well as modding tools and while the forums contain adult content it is hidden behind an age-verification system.

Once a month, MTS honors modders who stand out in their field with the Moo Moo Awards. The site also brings different creators together to work on special projects and create themed sets. However, since November of 2007, Moo Moos have been replaced by MOCCAS (Outstanding creator) and LATTES (Technical excellence.)


After a year of steady growth, the original MTS split in two in mid-2005. MTS2 continued to specialize in modding, game help and downloads, while the new sister site Sims 2 Community focused on general chat threads, contests, advertising user sites and showcasing videos. The site also recently split off its adult content onto a new site.


MTS is owned by Delphy, with a co-admin and various moderators, including staff that just produce items and technical resources for the game, as well as staff that just moderate the site.

See also Delphy, Daysies and the MTS staff listing


  • Opened May of 2004
  • Split off General Discussion forums to Sims 2 Community in June of 2005 (later merged back in as Mod The Sims Social.)
  • Split off Adult content to Sexy Sims 2 in June of 2006.

Media References

  • Featured on G4 TV's Attack of the Show! television program, February 9th of 2006.
  • Featured in Rolling Stone magazine issue #995 on March 9th of 2006, on page 39

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