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The Importance of Screenshots

There's an old joke about buying and selling real estate. It's all about "location, location, location". The same idea can be applied to the Sims world, too. Just like you wouldn't build a swanky social lounge in an abandoned slum; you wouldn't want to spends hours creating beautiful custom content, only to downgrade it with substandard screenshots. Screenshots are not just for the downloaders benefit, they are also another means for you - the creator - to express your creativity by means of beautiful screenshots.

The look of your screenshots is what makes the downloader actually want to try out your content, it's the number one selling point! For example, would you want to download a house that showed off the interior like this?

Saving like this makes me cry.jpg
The picture is taken from an awkward angle.

The game interface is covering the bottom half.

The graphics are set at a low quality, causing everything to have jagged edges.

The lighting is poor inside the home.

The cut off walls make the house look messy.

So, we an definitely say that overall, this picture is a mess!

Taking Better Screenshots

When you're a first time uploader, it can seem a little intimidating presenting your creation to the world. We don't expect everyone to come out of the pin with perfect upload quality pictures. There will always be a learning curve when formatting an upload. Don't believe us? Thumb through the very first uploads of even the most well known creators. What you find may shock you!

So, we hope to help aide in getting over that curve much more easier by writing up some tips and tricks on taking awesome screenshots. These "trade secrets" were compiled from some of the best creators in the community, with the help of the ModTheSims moderation team. Hopefully by the time you've gone through this guide, you will be ready to upload with good quality - ModTheSims approvable - screent shots.

Before you begin we suggest that you read Screenshot Basics, first. There you will learn how to use the built in cameras, how to print screen and save your images.

    Tips and Tricks

    ... Each area of creation has it's own "niche" when it comes to taking good screenshots. Pick the category that you're interested in uploading to get started.

    General Categories

Sims Make sure the camera gets their good side.
Pets Make your pooches and kitties best in show.
Lots and Houses Once again, it's all about location, location, location...
Game Mods Yes, even game mods need good pictures, too.
Careers and Majors Corporate stock images is how Friend Zone Fionna got her start.

    TS2 Specific

Body Shop Give your photo shoots some character.
Objects Take a picture good enough to be in an IKEA catalogue.
Walls and Floors Better Homes and Gardens would be jealous.
Neighborhoods It's more than just a map.
Pose Boxes Come on and vogue!

    TS3 Specific

Create-A-Sim Rip the runway!
Objects Soon you'll have IKEA calling you for tips.
Patterns Make your patterns irresistible.
Wall and Floor Templates People will think you have a degree in interior design.
Worlds A whole new place, new point of view.
Poses and Animations Let your body move to the music.
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