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This page was last modified 16:24, 15th July 2010.

Creator Guidelines - TS3 CAS Content - Skintones

These are the specific requirements and recommendations if you are uploading a skintone. Remember - the general requirements and guidelines for CAS content still apply, in addition to these more specific ones.


No Random Sliders

While we understand that it's fun to have loads of colour sliders for skintones, colour sliders need to make sense as skintone sliders. Particular colours that work for skin colours - more realistic sliders for asian sims, fantasy sliders etc - are fine; but sliders that go from pure black to pure white, or rainbow sliders, or other sliders that just don't look like skin aren't.

Adult Content

Skintones uploaded to MTS must be completely "barbie" below the waist. That is, you cannot include genitals or pubic hair for either gender. Skintones uploaded to MTS may include female nipples, or you may leave them off if you prefer, for a Maxis-like skintone that is completely "barbie."

You must obscure your skintones even if they are completely "barbie." Please see the section below under Screenshots, ("Obscured Skintones") for exact details on what you must obscure, and how to do so.


Multiple Tones

Please show your skintone in multiple tones. If your skintone is non-default, you should show it in several spots along the slider. If your skintone is default, then please show it in several very different colours, using a range of the EA sliders.

Angles and Detail

When uploading a skintone, it's tempting to upload a full body pic of the front and nothing else. You must remember to show downloaders the whole thing.

That means you need to upload clear, full-body pictures of the front and back, without feet or arms cropped out; as well as closeup pics of the face. You may also want to include closeups of any details, such as hands or feet, that you're particularly proud of or that you've edited extensively.

All Ages & Genders

If your skintone is available for more than one age or gender, make sure you show pictures of it on all the ages and genders for which it is available.

Obscured Skintones

Because MTS is not an adult site, you need to take special care when uploading skintone files. Not only must your skintones not have too much "adult" detail on the actual skins themselves (please see the special note above under "Adult Content/Nudity" regarding skintones) but you must obscure your screenshots. We normally don't want you to cover up your texturing, but in this case, we do...

This means you need to cover the female breasts, the crotches on both genders, and the butt crack of both genders. You may do this by putting your sims in skimpy underwear, by covering those areas in a black bar, or, probably the best way to do so without your obscuring getting in the way of your texturing, selecting those areas in your graphics program of choice and applying a blur or pixellation filter to them.


Basic Information

Make sure your upload text contains at least the following information:

  • The ages for which your upload is available
  • The gender(s) for which your upload is available
  • Whether your skintone is default or non-default
  • If your skintone is non-default, what its colour dot/slider looks like


This is a checklist of everything gone over above so you can be sure you've done everything you need to do to ensure your submission is correct. This is just for your own use - checking these boxes doesn't actually do anything, just is an easy way to keep yourself organized.

No Random Sliders - If your upload is a colour slider, it makes sense as a skin colour.
Barbie - Your skin is barbie below the waist, with no genitals.

Multiple Tones - You've provided pics of your skintone in multiple colours/tones.
Angles & Details - Your pics include full body pics of the front and back, plus closeup pics of the face(s).
Ages & Genders - Your pics show the skin on all ages and genders for which it is available.
Obscured Skintones - The female breasts, and crotches and buttcrack of both genders, are obscured or blurred out in your pictures.

Basic Information - Your main upload text includes info on the ages and genders your skin is available for; whether it is default or non-default; and what its colour dots/sliders look like.

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