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Uploading to MTS

Here at MTS, we do things a little differently from open submission sites. This guide explains how we do things, and why!

Creator Guidelines

MTS has a set of rules, our Creator Guidelines which explain what you must do to post your creations at MTS. Why do we have guidelines at all, and not just let people post whatever they want?

  • Quality! We want to ensure that the content posted here is good stuff, looks nice, and is made pretty well. It doesn't have to be perfect, but it does have to be fairly good.
  • Uploads must be done right from a technical perspective. There are certain ways of creating custom content that can cause real problems if someone downloads something you made! Whenever there's an important "you must do it this way" type thing, we tell you so in the relevant section of the guidelines. Your files need to work for people, too, as it's possible in many cases to upload the wrong thing by accident.
  • Required info is, um, required! People need to know what expansions are required, what your thing does, how to use it, etc., and we ask for that critical information up front, so creators don't have to answer loads of questions and so downloaders know what to expect.
  • Pictures to show it well help your item look its best. That way, downloaders can tell whether or not they want to get it in their games, and moderators can see whether your item is good by looking at the pics you've provided.
  • We don't allow some things like things that require pay content, or pirated stuff, because we don't want to host things like that here.

Upload Process

what happens when you upload - the wizard, queue, accept/reject/CR, upload live

Queue Bypass

what the queue bypass is all about, how you get it, how you might lose it, what happens if something bypasses but doesn't meet the guidelines

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