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S2C RP Characters - L

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Lord Montgomery Mentmore

Gender: Male
Age: None of your business, thank you.
Class: Military, aristocracy
Level: N/A
Birthplace: Buckinghamshire
Weapon: Lee-Metford rifle
Armor: None
Stats: Incredible marksman, high logic, lightning reflexes
Skills: Highly accurate marksman, excellent with logic and strategy, skilled negotiator
Equipment: A rifle, a small talisman that he received in India, and several smaller weapons that are easily concealed. He can often be seen sporting his formal military attire, despite his temporarily retired status.
Description: Lord Mentmore is a handsome old gentleman who buries his charming and loveable nature beneath a thin veil of military gruffness. He attempts to present himself as stern and dignified, but his countenance generally reveals his softer side. He has a very strong sense of honor, and has a difficult time letting bygones be bygones.
Bio: Mentmore has spent a large portion of his life serving his Queen, working both as a soldier and as a representative of the East India Trading Company. He was ultimately stationed in Bombay, where he became the Colonel of a small fleet of soldiers that specialized in quelling local uprisings. He remained in this position for quite some time, until a minor hunting incident involving a tiger forced him to return to The Isles. Mentmore was granted a lordship in recognition of his service to The Empire, and received a sizeable estate near his birthplace in Buckinghamshire. The tiger, meanwhile, has found a new occupation, and is currently on display as a rug in his trophy room.
Other: N/A

Played by: jhd1189

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