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S2C RP Characters - M

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Merun Deimarna

Gender: Female
Age: 19
Class: Royalty, Tuar Priestess
Level: N/A
Birthplace: Brigha
Weapon: Carries a small knife for herb-cutting
Armor: None
Stats: Strong force of Will, high Intuition
Skills: Tuar healing, Diplomacy, Minor natural psychokinetic/pyrokinetic powers, Speaks Brighan and Rashau, as well as several other languages fluently.
Equipment: Tuar gown, crystal necklace, and belt. Standard Tuar kit of herbs and tools. Several books of history and herbal lore.
Description: Olive skinned, with golden brown eyes and long wavy auburn hair, Merun is short and rounded, but with a fierce glint in her eye that hints at the power contained within her small form.
Bio: Niece of the king of Brigha, Merun is trained as a Tuar priestess from birth. As this makes her ineligable for a royal marriage, she is trained in diplomacy, to become an ambassador. She is sent to Rashiel to perform this duty, but also as a ploy, hoping that the king of Rashiel might kill the impetuous and sharp-tongued Merun (who, though trained in diplomacy, is not incredibly diplomatic with her words) and provide an excuse for an attack against Rashiel.
Other: N/A

Played by: HystericalParoxysm

Maggie Farwine

Gender: Female
Age: 27
Class: Kitchen Maid
Level: N/A
Birthplace: Nottingham
Weapon: none
Armor: None
Stats: Incredibly observant,
Skills: talented writer, strong observation, talented cook, medical knowledge for minor injuries (burns, cuts, etc.).
Equipment: Cookbook and cooking utensils, pen, ink, and a thick book.
Description: Maggie is a rather plain girl. Her thick brown hair is always tied back in a bun. She is unusually quiet; speaking only when necessary or when spoken to. She is brutally honest.
Bio: Maggie is the only daughter of a housekeeper in Nottingham. Her father is unknown, if you listen to gossip he could be anyone from the lord's son to the new stableboy who disapeared not long after Maggie's birth. Maggie's mother taught her to read and write. Since then, Maggie has recorded all she observed in the Lord's house. Maggie has worked in the kitchen since adolesence. Maggie's mother recently died of consumption. Maggie has always dreamt of seeing the world and being more than a low servant. Without her mother to care for, Maggie is ready to set foot into the real world.
Other: N/A

Played by: Schellikins

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