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S2C RP Characters - S

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Gender: Female
Age: 20
Class: Superhero
Level: N/A
Birthplace: N/A
Weapon: Superpowers
Armor: N/A
Stats: N/A
Skills: Control Plants/Revive Animals
Equipment: N/A
Description: Human
Bio: Sofia was born a happy baby. Rarely ever did she cry, and as she grew older she always had an unusual serenity about her. Her passion for gardening became apparent when she was a young child. She enjoyed playing in the dirt, and there would often be seedlings left in her path. As she aged, Sofia learned how to harness her power, how to grow a rose bush from a seed in mere seconds and how to persuade the ivy to crawl around someone's legs. Recently, she learned, when a newly-dead bird had fallen in her snap dragons, that she could use her powers on small animals to bring them back to life. It is much more exhausting than what she is used to, and the animals must be small. The sooner they died, the easier it is for her to reivive them. It's much easier for Sofia to grow an oak tree from a stump than for her to help a kitten.
Other: Part of Aligned Powers

Played by: PerplexinglyMe

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