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S2C RP Characters - T

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Thalia Bloxam

Gender: Female
Age: 11
Class: Student
Level: N/A
Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois
Weapon: Handgun
Armor: N/A
Stats: Very deceiving, cunning, Dependant of Kael
Skills: Gunman and aspiring Sharpshooter.
Equipment: N/A
Description: A small young girl with shoulder-length dark brown hair, deep brown eyes and very fair skin. A look that may be perceived as haunted, although relatively harmless.
Bio: Kael found Thalia hiding under a bed in what was left of her dilapidated run-down home whilst he was looting. Instead being killed, she was taken in. Thalia has been with them ever since, and is by his side at all times. She hardly speaks; if she ever does it's softly spoken and more than likely directed at Kael.
Other: N/A

Played by: Nora

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