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A screenshot of the Sapphire Sims 2 front page as of 12th January 2007.



One Sapphire Sims' logos which is posted on the home page.

Sapphire Sims 2 is a totally free site with thousands of themed downloads from new exclusive meshes to Maxis re-colors. We specialize in fantasy as well as historical creations. We have tid bits in every possible category from Angels to Zodiac, Holidays to tutorials, Build mode to Buy mode…Pets to Programs…if we don’t have it already… we do try to make it! We run a variety of themes for fantasy, history and holidays where talented creators can contribute to them.Our Family orientated forum is both friendly and helpful. We have contests and questions, role playing and real life, brainstorming and building, teaching and talents…come say hi and enjoy your sim game all the more! We're always happy to welcome new faces to our community!


Sapphire Sims has over 190 000 members in their community and constantly provides creative work for others.


Sapphire Sims was first created by Empress Sapphire in 2005. It is now owned by Empress Sapphire and GrandDuchessEmerald

Sapphire Sims employs Administrators and 'Imperial Guards' to help the general running of the site.


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