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Contains all the helper enums for figuring out which Resource type or group is considered by what groupId the pack is or what it is. These groups and types can be seen in S3PE as well, where on the top we see 'name', 'Type', 'Group', 'Instance'. See additional information below each Enum to figure out how to find these groups/types back in s3pe.

Please ensure you give separate headings for classes, enums, interfaces and other object types


  • ProductFlag_CS - Enum flag for figuring out what GroupID is considered for what pack.
  • ProductID_CS - Enum that would eventually connect the ProductFlag_CS groupIDs to the correct ProductId (think EP_01, rather than 0x01) so that it can be used later inside the ResourceUtils class
  • ResourceTypes - Enum that contains all the TypeIDs and what those IDs stand for and for what. (Types can be considered as the types you see in S3PE like: GEOM or OBJD, etc)
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