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(MATD/txmt) property parameter: standard material: stdMatDiffCoef

Parameter Type

[v3] 3 variables/3 reals

Known designed values:

0 =< n =< ... (infinity)

Common Notes

  • A 4th number may be present for alpha-blending (always "1"); in rare cases, 0<n<5
  • Diffusion (= plain colour) RGB [Alpha] (syntax: R,G,B,[1])
  • By altering the the RGB values in decimals, the colours of the base texture will be altered accordingly. "1,1,1" means full textural coloration where "1" means 1 time of the value of either R, G, or B for the base texture. So when other in-game lighting effects are ignored, the resultant colorations rendered in-game will be the multiplication of the base texture RGB values with the stdMatDiffCoef RGB values. Thus, a "0" value will basically nullify that colour in the base texture. Yet, generally, "0.8,0.8,0.8" is used to darken the textures for the in-game lighting effects.
  • In recolouring, one can alter these values for monotonous recolouring while reusing the original texture. (a way of repository recolouring)
  • These values can be >1 to affect the lighting effects and the base texture coloration; say "1.5,0.5,1.7"

Common Default Value(s)


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