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This is a simple description of how to convert a Sims 3 Create A Sim Part (CASP) to the Sims Medieval. It will start with just basic info for the simplest edits, and more advanced info on the limitations.


S3PE Medieval Resource Wrappers

The Tutorial

This is a basic tutorial for converting TS3 CASP objects into CASP objects usable in TSM. So basic it's only one step, so I'll go further into discussing the problems and limitations with this conversion.

Find a CASP object

It can be any CASP object, but hair or accessories will produce the fewest visible problems.

Convert The CASP to a Medieval CASP

Open the package in S3PE.

  • Find the CASP, and click the grid button.
  • Under the Clothing Category select at a minimum the profession flag.
  • Click commit.
  • Save the package.
  • Play the game.

Notable Issues

My CASP Object Is Black

Your object is referencing a texture or pattern that is not available in Medieval.

My CASP Objects Animation Is Incorrect

  • My object (clothing) has limbs going in awkward positions.

This is usually a Bone Delta issue, and can easily be fixed if you have TS3 and any expansion that this model relies on.

Open the package you're trying to convert, click on the CASP, and scroll all the way to the bottom of Preview panel. There is a section called "--- CountedTGIBlockList: TGIBlocks (0x21) ---". In this section you can find the instance of the TS3 Bone Delta file used with this model. Look for entries that are of type "0x0355E0A6" (TGI is Type, Group, Instance).


Just copy those files to your package, and save it.

My CASP Object Doesn't Have Any Morphs (fat, fit, thin, special)

Alas, this one still confounds me. It doesn't seem to be a result of any file I've tracked down.

My CASP Object Doesn't Have feet/legs/torso

The Sims 3 uses several body parts to make up one entire outfit. Many times this will be a feet, legs, and torso combination. If you specifically only look for item which are full body, everything except for the feet will appear.

It is possible to combine two meshes, but that needs another tutorial.

Have questions?

You can post your questions directly relating to this tutorial on the MTS thread here:


Tutorial by grimreefer24601. Please do not repost elsewhere - this tutorial will be changed and updated as new information is available.

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