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Object Creation for Absolute Beginners

Base Game

An easy-to-follow tutorial on how to make your own Sims 2 objects, written for those who have never cloned an object before – or those who have already tried and have run into problems along the way.

It contains:

Screenshots that match the April 2010 version of SimPE

Detailed instructions and explanations for the entire object creation process:

  • How to clone an object
  • How to make a mesh in MilkShape and ensure it has the right dimensions
  • How to map your mesh with UV Mapper
  • How to register in the GUID database and get a GUID for your object (and why)
  • How to make a texture map for your object
  • How to pull it all together in SimPE to a working object

Additional advice on:

  • What object to use as base for your clone
  • What objects are good to start out with and what objects should not be attempted until you have more experience
  • What EP to clone from and why basegame objects may be the best bases
  • How to use your GUID’s wisely
  • What size texture map to use
  • When to get a cup of coffee before moving on to the next bit

The tutorial is provided in PDF format.

What you will need

  • SimPE
  • Milkshape
  • UV Mapper Classic
  • Photoshop (or equivalent graphics program)]
  • The CEP (Color Enable Package)


Object Creation for Absolute Beginners


Originally written by moune999

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