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Short name: UI
Long name: UI data

Maxis User Interfaces

The Following properties were unknown as of the last update.

-- 24 Remaining --
winflag_sortable (common)
winflag_mousetrans (common)
allowinsert (textedits)
insertindex (textedits)
insertpos (textedits)
fnone (grid)
shiftcaption (button)
option (optgrp) - defines this options information
autofilltype (optgrp) - for filling the whole option control
SimCity 4 UI Definition Files - 24 properties missing at last count

SimCity 4 defines all of its user interface elements, or UI elements, through a text-based file similar to XML. SimCity 4 UI's are composed of legacy tags, which contain attributes defining the type of element, its look and behavior, etc. Legacies can have children, which contain more legacy tags defining child elements. SC4 UI files are not valid XML, but are very similar. It is now known that these files also comprise the UI elements of newer maxis games such as The Sims 2.

The differentes between UI files and XML are as follows:
1) In a UI file, a comment is denoted by a # at the beginning of a line. 
In XML, a comment is denoted by a tag, contstruted as so: <!-- comment here -->
2) In a UI file, legacy tags are not properly terminated. They have no closing tag or 
terminating bracket. UI LEGACY tags are simply closed by a >.
In XML, a tag must be terminated in one of the two following ways:


3) In a UI file, there is no root tag. There may be more than one LEGACY tag at the root level:

In XML, you can only have one root element. The above code is invalid in XML, but this code would work:
	 <LEGACY />

4) Attributes in a UI file are never bounded by quotes: <LEGACY clsid=GZWinGen>
In XML, attributes must be bounded by quotes: <LEGACY clsid="GZWinGen">

The differences between XML and UI files poses a bit of a challenge, as a custom parser must be written to handle UI code, or a preparation parser must be written to convert UI code into valid XML. Once an UI file is valid XML, any normal XML parser should be able to generate a DOM in memory out of the UI code.

CHILDREN Tags are used when specifying controls that are inside other controls
IE. You may have a bitmap, and children tags below that which contain controls or trees inside the bitmap ingame.
LEGACY in a UI Is a Base control which contains other controls. If it contains no controls and is an end level class like text edit, it is not a legacy.

UI Classes
SC4 UI files define user interface elements. This is done through attributes contained in LEGACY tags. The possible number of attributes is quite large, but not all attributes will always be used. First and foremost are the clsid, iid, and id attributes. These all define what kind of element a LEGACY tag is defining. Below is a list of known class id values for UI elements (this is the class id enumeration):

Class ID Description
--------------- -----------------------------------------------
GZWin		Base Control type which all subtypes inherit from.
GZWinGen 	Defines a UI window. This is a container control.
GZWinText 	Defines a simple text label.
GZWinTextEdit 	Defines a text edit box.
GZWinBtn 	Defines a push button.
GZWinBmp 	Defines a bitmap image.
GZWinCustom 	Defines a custom control.
GZWinGrid 	Defines a grid control.
GZWinFlatRect 	Defines a rectangle.
GZWinSlider 	Defines a slider control. (Like school capacity)
GZWinCombo 	Defines a combobox selection control (like mysim zodiac).
GZWinListBox 	Defines a listbox selection control.
GZWinTreeView 	Defines a treeview control.
GZWinSpinner 	Defines a spinner control. (Like tax adjusters).
GZWinOutline 	Defines an outline.
GZWinScrollbar 	Defines a scrollbar.
GZWinFolders    Defines a Folder control.
GZWinOptGrp     Defines an option Group control.
GZWinTextTicker Defines a Text Ticker Control.
GZWinScrollbar2 Defines a Scrollbar of an image style with different parameters.
GZWinLineInput  Defines an Input control.
GZWinFileBrowserDefines a File Browsing control.
SC3WinGen	Defines a Simcity3000 control window.

UI Attributes
Attribute 	Type  		Description
--------------- --------------- ----------------------------------------------
clsid  		hex or enum 	Defines the class of the control. Can be a hex
					number or a class id. Where class ID's are non-hex they specify
				that the control is standard. Where they are hex, as in some WinGen's
				and WinCustom's, they specify that the overall control is specifically
				defined in the EXE like with IDs, Except CLSID works for the control 
				and its sub-elements as opposed to single Elements like text. 
				Generally speaking a Hexid for a Wingen means a different control window
				completely, so all of the sections from wingen onwards should not be displayed
				all at once. IE in one UI file, you may find 5 different budget windows, identified
				by hexid's for their clsid on a wingen.	
iid  		enum  		Defines the interface id for the control. Will
					always be one of the class id enumeration values
					with an I appended to the beginning. This is what
				Defines the type of interface the control is loaded as.
id  		hex  		An id number in hex. This number identifies the data the control
				deals with as defined in the EXE. It can be used as a sequence
				as in 0000010b 20b and 30b to link three controls together, or
				can be used as an id which can be linked to by the Button ID key
				and Menu ID keys in the exemplar files. It can also simply be an ID
				which identifies that control internally to the executable with no real
				other result. ID may be exempted on non-interactive controls, 
				or unused IDs can be created to facilitate new controls
area  		rectangle 	Defines the bounds of a rectangle that defines
					the controls area. Format: (x,y,width,height)
fillcolor 	color  		Defines the default fill color of the control.
   				Format: (r,g,b)
forecolor	color  		Defines the foreground color of the control.
					Format: (r,g,b)
backcolor 	color  		Defines the background color of the control.
					Format: (r,g,b)
bkgcolor	color		Defines the background color of the control.
caption  	string  	Defines the text used for the controls caption.
captionres 	hex  		Defines the instance id of a localizable string
					to be loaded from SimCityLocale.dat (or other 
transparent	bool		is the control transparent? Format Y|N

showcaption 	bool  		Specifies weather the caption is shown for the
					control. Format: yes|no
wrapcaption 	bool  		Specifies weather the control caption is wrapped.
					Format: yes|no
winflag_? 	bool  		Defines specific flags that affect the control.
					Format: yes|no. See winflag section below.
font  		string  	Specifies the font to use for the control text.
autosize 	bool  		Specifies weather the control should be auto-
					sized. Format: yes|no
sizable  	bool  		Specifies weather the control is sizable.
					Format: yes|no
movable  	bool  		Specifies weather the control is movable.
					Format: yes|no
tips  		bool  		Specifies weather the control has tooltips.
					Format: yes|no
tipsdelay 	number  	Defines the popup timeout for the controls 
					tooltip. Format: milliseconds
tipstimeout 	number  	Defines the dissapear timeout for the controls
					tooltip. Format: milliseconds
tipsflag 	hex	  	Controls flag values in a 4 byte hex number related to the tips. Only 1 Defined.
				0x01000000 Flag type 1. Just means is a standard tip
tipsoffset 	position  	Defines the offset the tip text appears at
				Format: (x,y)
tipsres  	hex	  	defines the group and instance of the text for this tip. (hex gid,hex iid)
tipstext 	string  	Defines the controls tooltip text.
opaque  	bool  		Specifies weather the control is opaque.
					Format: yes|no
btnclicksnd 	hex  		Defines the group and instance id of the sound
					to play when the control is clicked. Format:
					{hex gid,hex iid}
image  		hex  		Defines the group and instance id of the image
					to use for this control. Format: {hex gid,hex iid}
colorfont? 	color  		The colorfont? lines define colors used for
					alternate font styles. Format: (r,g,b)
toggle 		bool  		Defines weather the control is toggleable. 
					Format: on|off
triggerondown 	bool  		Defines weather the control executes when pressed.
					Format: on|off
defaultkeys 	bool	  	For a window, controls whether default control keys (such as escape to close) can be used.
closevisible 	bool	  	Is the close button visible?
gobackvisible	bool	  	Is the back button visible beside close? (Revert to last state)
minmaxvisible 	bool	  	Is the minimize or maximize button visible?
minmaxvalue	number		Defines the minimum and maximum values of a slider. Format (min,max)
blttype  	enum  		Blitting type	Format: tiled|normal|edge (streached?)
userdata 	bool	  	An XML control used in UI windows for persisting data across multiple window sessions
closedisabled 	bool  		is the close button disabled?
gobackdisabled 	bool  		is the back button disabled?
minmaxdisabled 	bool  		are the min/max buttons disabled?
titlebar 	bool	  	Window has a titlebar?
outline  	bool	  	Window has an outline?
paint  		bool	  	Draw the main window background? Format: Yes|No
sidebar  	bool	 	Does the window have a sidebar down left side? Format: Yes|No (extension of titlebar)
imagerect 	rectangle  	Defines the rectangle that a bitmap may be used within. Format: (x,y,width,height)
notify  	bool	  	Notify other controls for this window of control information
transparentbkg 	bool	  	Defines whether the background of a control is transparent (mainly for bitmap controls)
edgeimage	bool	  	For an image, repeat and stretch the image to the boundry areas?
allowinsert 	bool	  	For textedits Is inserting data allowed? Format: Yes|No
allowundo 	bool	  	Is Undo'ing/Cancelling allowed for input? Format: Yes|No
singleline 	bool	  	Is the data a single line only? Format: Yes|No
initvalue 	value	 	The Initial value of a control. Format: number or "value"
highlightcolor 	color  		Defines color of control highlight. Format: (r,g,b)
buttongutter	value		Defines the reserved space around the drop button of a combo box inside the control
outlinecolor 	color  		Defines color of control outline. Format: (r,g,b)
maxtext  	number  	Defines the max number of text chars allowed for control
overwrite 	bool	  	Overwrite Existing text (IE as Insert key Mode)? Format: Yes|No
insertindex 	value	  	For text edit controls, an unused control for directions on where in an array to
				insert data (not confirmed)
insertpos 	number  	unknown (textedit)
notifyonreturn  bool		For Textedit, notify other controls in this window of textedit contents when return pressed
notifyonchange  bool		For Textedit, notify other controls in this window of contents when contents are changed
enableclipboard bool		For Textedits, are clipboard functions enabled, IE Cutting
caretperiod 	number		time in ms between cycles of the caret (blinking text insert cursor)
caretcolor	color		Color of the text insert caret (cursor)
maxundo  	number  	Maximum number of undo'able chars for the control (ctrl+Z)
wrapped  	bool	  	Is the text wrapped? (for noneditable text) Format Yes|No
textoffsets 	position  	The position offset of the text on the control
				Format (x,y)
editable 	bool	  	Is the Text Editable?
hscrollbar 	bool	  	Has a horizontal scrollbar (format: yes|No)
vscrollbar 	bool	  	Has a vertical scrollbar. Format: Yes|No
selrule  	number  	grid cell selection rules. Enum: 0 - select whole column, 1 - select row, 2 select cell
maxselcount 	number  	max number of selectable areas, ex: grid cells
olinecolor 	color  		Defines an outline color. Format: (r,g,b)
dcolwidth 	number  	Defines a column width.
drowheight 	number  	Defines a column height.
colhdrsz 	number  	Defines the size of the column header
rowhdrsz 	number  	Defines the size of the row header
textalign	value		Grid text alignment. Format: (#) - Grid standard for Vis basic is 0=left,1=right,
				2=centre, 3 Default/General (text left, num right)
textwrapping	value		Do grid text other than cells support wrapping or are they single line? 0,1=false,true
fnone  		bool	  	is having an empty entry for a grid legal? (as notNull function in programming)
fedit  		bool	  	Is the grid data editable
fhscroll 	bool	  	Does the grid have a horizontal scroll
fvscroll 	bool	  	Does the grid have a vertical scroll
fcolheading 	bool	  	Does the grid have a column heading
frowheading 	bool	  	Does the grid have a row heading
fcolgrid 	bool	  	Is the column grid visible?
frowgrid 	bool	  	Is the row grid visible?
finsmode 	bool	  	Is insert mode used with data? IE overwrite data with data entering
fopqbkgnd 	bool	  	Is the grid background opaque?
fdoutline 	bool	  	Draw the main Outline for grid controls?
fcellwrap 	bool	  	wrap grid cell data?
fallownosel 	bool	  	Allow no selection of a grid entry?
ffixcolcnt 	bool	  	Fixed Column count
ffixrowcnt 	bool	  	Fixed Row count
fdpastlastcol 	bool	  	Draw grid past last column
fdpastlastrow 	bool	  	Draw grid past last row
fcelloverlap 	bool	  	Grid cell data can overlap into other cells?
fdrpdnmenu 	bool		Data has drop down menu's
fhlcelldata 	bool	  	Highlight Cell data on hover?
fdefault 	bool	  	Obey grid defaults, or use manual settings
fall  		bool	  	Include all standard grid controls, IE scrollbars
colgridclr 	color  		Grid column color. Format: (r,g,b)
rowgridclr 	color  		Grid row color. Format: (r,g,b)
wingridcol 	values 		Define Grid Column. 
				Format : "columnorder,creationcount,columnwidth"
btnupsnd 	hex  		Defines group and instance id of a sound
					played when a button is released. 
					Format: {hex gid, hex iid}
autonumber 	bool	  	For spinners not connected to a textedit, controls whether the field is
				an incremental integer field. A setting of no disables the spinner
autonumbercomma bool	  	For spinners not connected to a textedit, add commas to large values
autonumbercurrency bool 	For spinners not connected to a textedit, add $ to current values
coloroutlineb 	color  		Defines a spinner bottom outline color. Format: (r,g,b) 
coloroutliner 	color  		Defines a spinner right outline color. Format: (r,g,b)
digits  	as align  	For spinners not connected to a text, determines the side of the spinners that text is on
minmax		number		minimum and maximum values of a spinner. format: (min,max)
coloroutlinet 	color  		Defines a spinner top outline color. Format: (r,g,b)
coloroutlinel 	color  		Defines a spinner left outline color. Format: (r,g,b)
coloroutline	color		Defines a spinner outline color.
stepsize 	number  	for spinners like taxes, incremental value of next step in either direction
colorright 	color	  	for rectangles, the color of the right side
colorbottom 	color	  	for rectangles, the color of the bottom side
colortop 	color	  	for rectangles, the color of the top side
colorleft 	color	  	for rectangles, the color of the left side
displayroot 	bool	  	For Tree View controls, view root item?
displaynodeicons bool	 	For Tree View controls, display icons for tree nodes
displaytreelines bool	 	For Tree View controls, display the tree lines (branches)
multiselect 	bool 		Specifies if multiple selections are allowed.
icongutter 	number  	for tree views, the pixel reserved space area around the items icons on the view
rowheight 	number  	Defines a rows height.
roottext 	string  	text of the root item in a tree view when its displayed (in "" brackets)
rootcolorforeground colour 	colour of the text for the root item in a tree view
rootcolorbackground colour 	colour of the background for the root item in a tree view
rootforegrounghilited colour 	colour of root item text for tree views when its selected
rootbackgroundhilited colour 	colour of root item background for tree views when its selected
rootexpanded 	bool	  	for tree views, is the root expanded by default
rootselected 	bool	  	for tree views, is the root item selected by default
rootfont 	enum	  	for tree views, the font of the root item if it is displayed
rooticon	hex		For a treeview display root icon?
minmaxboxsize	number		for tree views, the size of the plus,minus icons for expansion of items.
backgroundcolor color		for tree views, the background colour of the control surface
highlightcolor	color		for tree views, the highlighted colour of selected items
direction 	enum	  	Direction of a slider. Format: horizontal|vertical
initselection 	number  	For a control with selectable entries, the selected entry when it appears.
combodownarrowrect number 	Location of the combobox down arrow rectangle Format : (hor1,vert1,hor2,vert2)
combodowncolor 	colour  	Colour of the combo box down/open control
sunken  	bool	  	For a list box, is the appearance sunken (recessed 3d)
scrollbargutters number 	For listbox's, the reserved space around the scrollbars. Format (hor,vert)
shiftcaption	unknown		unknown (button)
sort  		bool	  	Sort list items alphabetically?
drop  		bool	  	For listbox, drop edges in colour for 3d framed or layered look 
colordark 	colour	  	For outlines, the colour of an outline if it is not ontop of another control
colorlight 	colour	  	For outlines, the colour of an outline if it is ontop of another control
node  		number		For outlines, designates a node or end point for a line in an outline (hor,vert)
comments 	string  	Earlier form of tips for controls. Comments on the control
commentslmd 	String  	Same as above. Comments on Left mouse button Down
commentsrmd 	String  	Same as above. Comments on Right mouse button Down
commentslmu 	String  	Same as above. Comments on Left mouse button Up
commentsrmu	String  	Same as above. Comments on Right mouse button Up
commentsmm 	String  	Same as above. Comments on Middle Mouse button
commentsku 	String  	Same as above. Comments on Keyboard up button
commentskd 	String  	Same as above. Comments on Keyboard Down button
pagesize 	number  	Defines the amount the scrollbar moves when you click on the bar (not the thumb or arrows)
direction 	enum	  	for scrollbars, the scrollbar type, vertical or horizontal
linesize 	number  	Defines the amount the scrollbar moves when you click on the arrow (not the thumb or bar)
linepagecount 	number  	Defines # of Lines per page and tot Page count for scrollbars. Format : (#oflines,#ofpages)
listelements	string		list an element in a combo box, can be used multiple times, ie "1" etc 
style  		enum	  	The visual style of the control. Format: see table
gutters  	number  	reserved space around a control to make everything look cleaner.
				Format: (hor,vert,hor1,vert1) in pix. First set are for top and left I believe
				Second set should be for bottom and right. Second set are optional but used for buttons.
autofit		solo		Autofit the control elements. No format. Used in texts
maincaption	    Bool		  For an option group, show the main group caption?
itemcaption     bool	        For an option group, show the caption for each option?
drawfill 	    bool		  For an option group, colour fill the interior of the group edges? 
labelfontcolornormal colour	  For an option group, the colour of the main group caption
labelfontcolordisabled colour   For an option group, the colour of the main group caption if the group is disabled
buttonfontcolornormal colour	  For an option group, the colour of the radial and label if not hovered over
buttonfontcolorhilited colour   For an option group, the colour of the radial and label if hovered over
buttonfontcolordisabled colour  For an option group, the colour of the radial and label if the option is disabled
outlinecolor    colour		  For an option group, the colour of each side of the groups outline from top clockwise
option 	    settings	  Settings for an option in an option group, Format "Option#:Label:unk:unk:unk"
optionmoveto    settings	  For an option, distance in pixels from the top left of the group, Format" "Opt#:(hor,vert)"
optionsetsize   settings	  For an option, the size of said option and its labels area, Format" "Option#:(hor,vert)"
autofilltype    enum		(option, manual or automatic)

--Added controls from August 27th 2004

fillcolor	colour		Defines the filled colour of the control window
pos		hex		defines the x,y position of the Control window onscreen

message		string		The ticker message for a text ticker. A resource id could be used in place.
frequency	number		The frequency of the text ticking across the screen for text tickers
speed		number		Speed of moving text for a text ticker		

dbgdrawarea	hex		Defines the visible draw area of the text much like Photoshop creating a text box.
defcolor	colour		Defines the text colour

passwordmode	bool		Enable hiding of characters in text edit as for passwords, "*" etc. 
notifyonlostfocus bool		Notify textedit control on the user focusing on another control with a click
vscrollimagerect rectangle	Defines the image rectangle for a textedits vertical scrollbar image
vscrollimage	hex		defines the group and instance of vertical scrollbar image for a textedit
hscrollimagerect rectangle	Defines the image rectangle for a textedits horizontal scrollbar image
hscrollimage	hex		Defines the group and instance of a horizontal scrollbar image for a textedit
caretcolor	colour		Defines the colour of the Caret (the thing that shows where the typing cursor is). textedit

setlineontop	bool
setlinevisible	bool

combodownarrowrectimage hex	defines a combo boxes custom down arrow image. (gid,iid)

alpha		bool		Older bitmap control value specifying whether an alpha can be used or not.

thumbimage	hex		defines
containerimage	hex		Defines the contain
arrowsimage	hex		defines the image of the movement arrows (TID,GID,IID)
increment	value		the increment of movement from moving the scrollbar based off the min max values etc
pageoverlap	value		when scrolling page by page, the overlap based on visible range from the last page
visiblerange	value		using the min and max values, the definition of a visible page from those values
maxvalue	value		defines the maximum value of the scrollbar. How far it can go
minvalue	value		defines the minimum value of the scrollbar
value		value		the starting value or default value
orientation	enum		The direction of the scrollbar. horizontal or vertical

charlimit	value		character limit for the input control
caretpos	hex		x,y position of the caret (blinking position marker)
fillalphahilite hex
fillcolorhilite hex
colorrbinside	colour		colour of the right and bottom inside of a lineinput
colorltinside	colour		colour of the left and top inside of a lineinput
colorrb		colour		colour of the right and bottom outline of a lineinput
colorlt		colour		colour of the left and top outline of a lineinput
filled		bool		Is the lineinput control filled (visible background) or not

divider		bool		an old form control no longer used that adds a divider to a control window
bluebar		bool		an old form control no longer used that adds a blue bar to the control window side

filter		hex		Filter (par1,par2)
backgroundtransparent bool	Is background transparent?
backgroundimage	enum		Background image?
backgroundcolor	color		Colour of browser background
backdirtext	value		Text for the backdir button (..) normally
highlightcolorbackground colour	color of background when item highlighted
highlightcolorforeground colour	color of foreground item text when item highlighted
columngridcolor	colour		color of main column grid
columngridenabled bool		enable column grid
linegridcolor	colour		color of line grid
linegridenabled bool		enable line grid for browser
rowheight	value		height of each item row
extensioncolumnwidth value	width of the column that displays file extensions
iconcolumnwidth value		width of the column that displays item icons.
drivenamealignment enum		Enumeration for the type of alignment of the drive names on the browser
drivenamebackgroundcolorhilited colour Drivename background color for hilgithed
drivenameforegroundcolorhilited colour Drivename Item Foreground colour for hilighted items
drivenamebackgroundcolordisabled colour Drivename background colour for when a drivename is disabled
drivenameforegroundcolordisabled colour Drivename foreground colour for when a drivename is disabled
drivenamebackgroundcolor colour drivename background colour normal
drivenameforegroundcolor colour drivename foreground colour normal
drivenamefont	enum		Font to use for drivenames
fileextensionalignment enum	Enumeration for the type of alignment of the file extensions on the browser
fileextensionbackgroundcolorhilited colour fileextension background color for hilgithed
fileextensionforegroundcolorhilited colour fileextension Item Foreground colour for hilighted items
fileextensionbackgroundcolordisabled colour fileextension background colour for when a drivename is disabled
fileextensionforegroundcolordisabled colour fileextension foreground colour for when a drivename is disabled
fileextensionbackgroundcolor colour fileextension background colour normal
fileextensionforegroundcolor colour fileextension foreground colour normal
fileextensionfont	enum		Font to use for fileextensions
filenamealignment enum		Enumeration for the type of alignment of the file names on the browser
filenamebackgroundcolorhilited colour filename background color for hilgithed
filenameforegroundcolorhilited colour filename Item Foreground colour for hilighted items
filenamebackgroundcolordisabled colour filename background colour for when a drivename is disabled
filenameforegroundcolordisabled colour filename foreground colour for when a drivename is disabled
filenamebackgroundcolor colour filename background colour normal
filenameforegroundcolor colour filename foreground colour normal
filenamefont	enum		Font to use for filenames
column#data	value	Sets the containing data for filebrowsers for a column. sub # for col # and values are below
directorysort		enum	Sets directory sorting type. enums below
filesortsecondary	enum	Sets secondary sorting type. enums below
filesortprimary		enum	Sets primary sorting type. enums below
defaultselectionextension value	the default file extension selected
defaultselectionname	value	the default selected item name
defaultselectiontype	value	the default selection type. Select files, directories, or the back icon
defaultpath	value		Default file browsing path

autofillsize    value
backimage	hex		Option background image resource (gid,iid)
captiontextresid hex		Main Option caption text resource id (gid,iid)
buttonfont	enum		For option groups, set individual button fonts.
labelfont	enum		For option groups, set group label font
root		bool		
sorted		enum		Sort Suboptions in specific way? If so, which?

wingridrow 	values 		Define Grid Row. 
				Format : "roworder,creationcount,rowheight"
fdgridoutline	bool		draw grid outlining?
enablehdr	bool		Enable grid header?
fontcolor	colour		Colour of the grid font

Window Flags
Following are all the window flag attributes. These allways are bool values, with possible 
values of yes or no. They are mostly self explanitory, and augment the behaviour of a control.

winflag_visible - window is enabled/visible?
winflag_enabled - window function is enabled?
winflag_acceptfocus - control accepts mouse focus by click
winflag_ignoremouse - ignore mouse commands
winflag_pbuff - Pixel Buffer control? yes|no
winflag_pbufftrans - Pixel Buffer Transfer. Write to a secondary buffer for flipping into place of current buffer as needed
winflag_pbufferase - Erase Pixel Buffer before writing? yes|no
winflag_pbuffvid - activate pixel buffering of video into memory for this control
winflag_alphablend - blend alpha layer into control - for transparent controls
winflag_delayedplot - delay plotting of controls in the control window until after opening.
winflag_premulalpha - premultiply alpha for control window

The Following Properties are in Sims2 only
wparam 		values		Sets values for a button property. Format:
winflag_container - 
winflag_fadeeffects - Use fading effects for popup and close.
maxglyphs 	value		Max representable strings. A glyph example would be. Glyph 97 = Amanda, Amanda = A,
				Printing 97 on Screen would then show A as the screen text.

Alternate Font Attributes
Following are all the possible alternate font color attributes. These are always color values.

Known Enumerations
Some attributes have values that can be taken from an enumeration. An enumeration is a list of nonstandard values (i.e. standard values are string, number, hex)

Align Enumeration

Blit Type Enumeration

Style Enumeration

Possible Bool Values

LISTS OF STANDARD CONTROL PARTS THAT SHOULD BE CREATED WITH EACH CONTROL TYPE - Excluding clsid,iid,id,area,fillcolor and winflags which are standard. Caption goes before winflags where applicable.
colorfonthilitedbkg, toggle, triggerondown,showcaption,fill,autosize,wrapcaption,shiftcaption,tips,
font,fill,editable,outlinecolor,initselection,combodownarrowrect,combodowncolor,buttongutter,gutters,listelement (usually multiples)
colordark,colorlight,style,node (multiples usually)

grid 2, textedit 3, button 1, opt 5, winflag 3, win 2, lbox 2, sb2 2, lineinput 3, browse 2 
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