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Vampire_aninyosaloh started uploading to Mod The Sims in January of 2009, basically eyes and makeup. She stopped uploading for five months and improved her creating skills until June 2009, when she started uploading again after months of practice. All of her creations since that date are handpainted. She specializes in big lots of eyes for The Sims 2 and from February 2010, also building, mostly for The Sims 3.

In Summer of 2010 she learned to mesh, giving many new possibilities for her creations.

She had her first picked item in October 2009, with Dark Fate, a set of 72 eyes. Her most downloaded creation is Le Goth with over 80,000 downloads, and it's also her most thanked item, with over 2,000 thanks. At the moment she has a total of 71 uploads, being picked ones 20 of them. Her creations have been downloaded almost 1,000,000 times and thanked 25,000 times.

She's moderator in Nintendorks Island, and administrator in Mother Freakin Sims, both sites formed with other members of the MTS community.

Notable creations

Dark Fate- This was her first picked item in MTS, some minutes after its upload. It's a set of 72 eyes divided in 12 different sets.

L Lawliet- Vampire_aninyosaloh's only sim upload. L Lawliet from the anime series Death Note. It was picked some time after its upload.

Le Goth- Vampire_aninyosaloh's most thanked upload. It's a set of seven eye mascaras. It was also picked some time after its upload.

Looking for Wonderland- Vampire_aninyosaloh's biggest set of eyes, with a total of 120 eyes. It was picked some minutes after its upload.

Tutorials by Vampire_aninyosaloh

Making Eyes on Photoshop for TS2

Making Realistic Eyes on Photoshop for TS2 (ADVANCED)

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