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The Sims 2 is a great game to create your own characters, stories and custom content, and sometimes you want to share that on a site of your own. This section will show you how to do just that and include information on basic HTML, file uploading, different hosting plans and more.


Tips for creating good websites

Start here for some good advice and Things You Should Know.

Web Hosting - Paid vs Free

Some recommended Web hosting sites covering all kinds of budget.

Website Software

All the different types of software and when you should and shouldn't use it

Basic HTML design

Insert description here

Running your own site part 2

More advanced things you can do with your site

So you want to create a forum...

If you are really set on a site that is like MTS2, MATY, InSim or S2C... look here.


Some of these articles where originally submitted to the Sims 2 Community Website Advice Centre, and all credits have been added to the original author, although many posts have been cleaned up for the wiki.

Specific credits go to:

  • Delphy
  • Vashti
  • Bairy
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