Serenada: "Breeze"

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Uploaded 9th Feb 2008 at 9:07 AM · Updated 1st Mar 2008 at 9:33 PM by seren : fixed, but I'm waiting since 9 AM :/

The Beach- strip of huge water tank’s shore, covered by sand - that is what Encyclopaedia tells us, but what would she really say if she had her own reasoning and was using perhaps more comprehensive language?

The Beach- place of relax (but only if you haven't got old, talkative, chain-smoking witch sunbathing right next to your towel), great place to meditate (but only if hysteric kids do not scream their heads off right next to you). The beach is also a good place to reflect about the future (but then again only if annoying dog of Mr & Mrs Whatever who just happened to be residing very close to you has not spout on your beautiful new flip-flops...)

Sounds familiar? You can avoid all that only if you could buy your very own beach. Impossible you say? Well, are very lucky indeed because we just happen to have one and buying this piece of heaven for only 136 604$ you will also get you very elegant house absolutely free!
Yes, your eyes are not going funny and your brain does not suffer from sun overheating. You are reading correctly - the house is absolutely free! So, don’t think twice and get your own piece of the beach today!

Lot size:

Furnished: 136604$
Empty: 74503$

Custom Content Included:

Walls & floors by:


Desk by:


Light, sofa, plants, decorations by


Plants & palm by:

Decorations by:

Windows & doors by:



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Additional Credits:
Thanks to nea200pl (Magda) for translating!
You'll need Inge's patch from to function blake_boy's modular sofa.

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