Mega Siblings 0.7 (UPDATED 02/05/2021)

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Compatible with patch (02/11/2021) No update required.

[21/08/2021] Updated for Cottage Living
[24/05/2021] Added Russian translation by Origamika.

[02/05/2021] Fixed issue with missing text. The translations might need an update as well!
[03/05/2021] Added Spanish translation by jeystiv.(UPDATED)
[02/05/2021] Added Chinese translation by AJia. (UPDATED)

[24/04/2021] Added another interaction between adult siblings - "Remember The Old Days", this interaction gives randomized notification with a funny story from the childhood days of your sims and moodlet. The interaction can be found under the friendly category.

Do you feel like most interactions are heavily focused on couples? Then great, I’m not the only one! Although I don’t play that much anymore since I started modding, I must admit that I like my family stories, so I always wanted more siblings related interactions. I don’t even want to start with all these generic interactions in the game that give you nothing when performed. Anyway, this small mod gives you 13 new interactions for children and teens. Bear in mind that they can be performed only from and towards this age group and only between relatives (with a few exceptions). The interactions are available for siblings, step-siblings
and cousins, also some of them are available for roommates and friends with a high level of friendship (best friends). So let’s see what are the interactions?

The interactions come in their own menu “Mega Siblings”. Depending on the age of the sibling you will see some of these interactions, but never all together.
Interactions options:

Child towards Child Available:

“Gossip About Classmates/Teachers”
“Express Anxiety From Moving To New School”

Child towards Teen Available:

the two Gossip interactions and School Anxiety
“Ask about their first kiss”
“Share being mocked at school”
“Ask Advice About Friendship”

Child towards Parent Available:

“Ask How Do You Know You Have a Crush On Someone?”

Teen towards Child Available:

“Tease About Crush”, + the two Gossip interactions and School Anxiety

Teen towards Teen Available:

the two Gossip interactions, School Anxiety, First Kiss, Mocked at School, and Friendship Advice
“Share Fear For University”
“Share Excitement For University”
“Talk About Your First Time”
“When Will You Teach Me To Drive” – this interaction has two outcomes, depending on how strong the relationship is.

All interactions give different moodlets, and some of them give notification with a little context.

This mod doesn't override anything in the game, only adds new social interactions, so it can't conflict with anything.

To keep up with new updates check out my Updates Page !

Type: Social