The Twikkii Temple Hotel *Deluxe Update!*

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Twikkii Island is known for its fantastic seaside vistas and stunning artifacts of civilizations long past. But when looking for lodgings, one may find the choices a bit less varied then they hoped. That is, until you see what UpTrend magazine called "A tropical diamond in the rough."

The Twikkii Temple Hotel is by far the largest resort on the island, with 5-star accomodations and service that has won it numerous awards. The hotel is of a unique design, blending in to the popular ruin attractions, but standing out with its intuitive design. A world class spa and lush rooms provide an alternative to the island's mundune attractions.

Room Prices:
$350 - $902 (These are the original prices from Version 1. The prices have fluctuated between the update and the new Pure Version.)
24-Hour On Call Room Service
Sauna and Massage Areas
All Natural Hot Spring
Souvenir Shop
Live Native Performances
Jumbok's Monsoon Restaurant

The new update expands on the hotel, adding necessary items throughtout the hotel:
More room at the Jumbok's Monsoon Restaurant
Dining areas for every room
Enlarged souvenir center
Patios for the economy rooms
Sauna room redesign

The origal version is still availabe for those who'd like it.

Also, the new update includes the Pure Bon Voyage Version! (PBV) This one does not require Open For Business and includes everything in Version 2. I created this with thse who dont have all the expansions in mind.

Room and Lot Values will be updated in time. I just wanted the updates up for everyone first.

Lot Size: 4x4
Lot Price: $325,662

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