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Latest News Nysha's New Creators for April 1st May 2021 at 9:00 AM EDT

Congratulations to the following creators, who uploaded thier very first uploads to MTS last month!

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Gallium Studios and Will Wright's survey for their new project 20th Mar 2021
Nysha's New Creators for February 1st Mar 2021
Changes to File Uploads on MTS 5th Feb 2021
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Subset Recoloring Only Latest Texture Recolor Showing In-Game Today 4:35 PM EDT
GUID Database Yesterday 11:41 AM EDT
Converted wall deco floating off wall 7th May 2021 6:21 PM EDT
Grey lines on hair when using 'Curves' in Gimp? 6th May 2021 1:31 AM EDT
How to build half-hipped/jerkinhead in a neat manner? 5th May 2021 10:41 PM EDT
Tutorial: How to Remove Stealth Hoods (Secret Subhoods) from a Neighborhood 4th May 2021 4:47 PM EDT
Replace Adult-Sized Skeleton With Child-Sized One 3rd May 2021 11:43 AM EDT
How to fix a neck edge which juts out and looks odd? 1st May 2021 5:56 PM EDT
Custom outfit in career 1st May 2021 9:26 AM EDT
Adding Seats to a Car 30th Apr 2021 8:09 PM EDT
Creativity Forums:
The Medieval Charter Challenge *New!* Luxury Version 3.0* 9th May 2021 11:24 PM EDT
War: What is It Good For? 8th May 2021 7:51 AM EDT
Tax-Free, Career-Based BaCC Ruleset *UPDATED 07/04/20* 8th May 2021 5:51 AM EDT
Sentencing 7 Teens to Life in School prison Sims 2 Challenge 7th May 2021 6:33 PM EDT
The Test of Time Challenge 5th May 2021 6:06 PM EDT
ChangeLotZoning 3rd May 2021 11:41 PM EDT
House With Secrets Challenge 3rd May 2021 5:55 PM EDT
Sims 2: Create something unusual, different, etc. 2nd May 2021 4:24 PM EDT
I Made 7-11+ Kids Spend 50 Years Underground Challenge 2nd May 2021 7:04 AM EDT
Realistic foster parent challenge 1st May 2021 9:36 PM EDT
The Random Legacy Challenge (2nd Thread) Today 12:07 AM EDT
•The "Do it as you Go" Challenge• [No Farther Updates] 7th May 2021 11:21 PM EDT
The ISBI challenge - I'm Surrounded By Idiots! 7th May 2021 11:21 PM EDT
Death Note Challenge 3rd May 2021 5:39 PM EDT
Sims 3 Prompt: Create something unusual, different, etc. 3rd May 2021 1:52 PM EDT
Cheaper By The Dozen: Redo 21st Apr 2021 2:26 AM EDT
The Expansion Pack Legacy Challenge 20th Apr 2021 11:53 PM EDT
The Warrior Cats Legacy Challenge ~ Highly Updated! 15th Apr 2021 9:15 PM EDT
Berry Sweet Sapphics (A wlw Legacy!) 14th Apr 2021 11:41 PM EDT
The Sims 3 Expansion Exploration Legacy Challenge 13th Apr 2021 9:09 AM EDT
Our Street - A Community Building Challenge **New Today 4:25 PM EDT
Ghost Town Challenge 9th May 2021 2:45 PM EDT
The Random Legacy Challenge for all packs 8th May 2021 9:59 AM EDT
*NEW* Zodiac Legacy Challenge 5th May 2021 1:32 AM EDT
Flavors of Life - Sims 4 Legacy 4th May 2021 1:43 AM EDT
Sims 4 Homeless Challenge 28th Apr 2021 2:49 PM EDT
The Sims 4 MASH Challenge 19th Apr 2021 7:51 PM EDT
Rainbow Legacy Challenge 17th Apr 2021 5:36 AM EDT
Historical Sims 4 Challenge! 10th Apr 2021 11:46 PM EDT
Nothing is Free in the Sims 4 9th Apr 2021 2:49 AM EDT
Creator Feedback Forums:
Aileen Landing - Sci-Fi Neighborhood Project Yesterday 11:40 PM EDT
Romanov family* Yesterday 8:03 PM EDT
Plathville. US, GA. 9th May 2021 12:11 AM EDT
Remastered The Sims 2 Launcher 8th May 2021 9:14 PM EDT
Starship UI (Sims 2 Dark Mode) - PUBLIC BETA by simstate // redandvidya 5th May 2021 8:24 PM EDT
Testers Wanted: Blender GEOM Tools 2.0 Today 5:02 PM EDT
Luxor - Egyptian Metropolis (remade) Today 12:24 PM EDT
Feedback Wanted: Cat Fishing Skill Yesterday 12:39 AM EDT
Testers Wanted : Nosy Sims Mod update 8th May 2021 12:34 PM EDT
Appaloosa Plains Reloaded 7th May 2021 8:27 PM EDT