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Default Neighborhood Upload Guidelines doubts about including sub-hoods.
So, the thing is that I'm creating a custom hood and when it's finished, I want to share it.
Due to story stuff, I need to send a sim to university.
I'm considering to create a university sub hood specific for that neighborhood.
Is it okay to upload that neighborhood with a university included, or should I upload them separately?
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Moved to site questions. Creator feedback is more for getting other users input in your creation.

To answer your question, you can include a subhood if you have made it specifically to attach to the main hood. We just don't want the auto generated subhoods attached to main hoods. While they can be removed (and there is an excellent tutorial by jawusa), the downloader shouldn't have to do that. But if the uni hood is only necessary for back story for the main hood, then does it need to still be attached and shared? Or is part of the story progression for users as they play requires the uni subhood? Basically if it's an integral part of the users play through of your hood, then yes, you can share it with the subhood attached. You will just need to show the same required images for the subhood, the same as the main hood.
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Okay I think I got it!
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