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Default Get Off The Streets Challenge
It’s newly your 18th birthday which to most means freedom of having to listen to your parents but you have a different type of freedom, complete freedom of the world! Well as much freedom you can have with no food, shelter or money. It’s time to get yourself off the streets! It’s time to start a family and get a job! To complete this challenge you will have to complete the main goal but if you want to make it a bit harder for yourself you can chose an optional goal to achieve after your main goal, be careful though you once your sim dies the challenge is over.

Main Goal:
The main goal of the challenge is to complete the Mansion Baron aspiration, build a family home that meets the requirements, be level 10 in a career of your choice, have at least 2 children, have a pet (if you don’t have Cats and Dogs then you must adopt a child), and have §50,000 in funds.

Optional Goals:
1 - You must earn your money in a sustainable way which means your descendants will be able to earn money the same way, this means your main source of income can't come from a job it must come from a skill like gardening, if at any point your sim earns more from their job than their skill you're forced to be demoted.

2 - A small family and a quiet life just really isn't your style, you want the fame and the fortune! The 10s of kids running around at all times and the big hole in your pocket that makes. To complete this goal you must have 10 children and be an A lister before you become an elder. This as well means you'r family house requirements increase, at least 7 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms.

- No cheats unless it’s to reset sim or change money to 0.
- Must play on normal lifespan
- Have to marry a towny (can’t make your own sim)
- Can only start with one sim
- Sim has to have the lazy trait.
- Have to pay a fee of §200 to start building.
- Can’t get a job until you have a house (see down below for a house requirements)
- Can only place skill building items before starting your house.
- You can only go into buy mode once a day.
- Your sims partner can only bring up to §500 with them when they move in.
- At least §1000 to try for a baby (you just need to have this in your funds you don’t need to pay this)\
- You have to stay on the same lot.

House requirements:
* Living room
* Dining and kitchen
* Bedroom
* Bathroom (has to be separate room)

Family house requirements:
* Living room
* Dining and kitchen
* 2 story
* 2 Bedrooms
* 2 Bathrooms
* Study with computer
* Utilities room (optional)
* Garden with something for the kids
* Has to be worth at least § 90,000
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If anyone has any suggestions feel free to add
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