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The Sims 3 Expansion Exploration Legacy Challenge
This does require all of the expansion packs but if you’re missing some and need to skip a Generation or change some Traits then go for it! I also know that moving towns will mess with the family tree so I recommend having a note in your phone or on your computer of the family tree or there are apps that you can get that will also help you build your own family tree. I don’t want this to be a super strict challenge or anything so just do what makes it the most fun for you! Happy Simming!

Gen 1: World Adventures
You are lost in this world and decide you need to see something, anything! After traveling to one of the vacation worlds, you meet the love of your life and they come back home with you. The two of you travel to all of the worlds to unearth artifacts and explore tombs together. Once you are both Elders, you adopt one child and spend the rest of your days together settled down.
Max Visa Level in at least one Vacation World
Own a Vacation Home in at least one Vacation World
Bonus: Max Visa Level in all three Vacation Worlds
Required Traits: Adventurous, Athletic, Flirty
Lifetime Wish: Great Explorer
Career: Any (You won’t be home much anyway!)

Gen 2: Ambitions
Growing up in an orphanage, you were a painfully lonely child. Once you were adopted, your elderly parents were your best friends. You managed to make one friend in Elementary School, but they’re all you have besides your parents. Now that they’ve passed away and you’re all but alone again, you decide that if you can’t make any friends, you’ll just have to make your friends.
Have only one friend while growing up, who you will end up marrying
Never be more than Friends with your child(ren)

Have a spouse with the Inappropriate trait (You can cheat this)
Live in Twinbrook
Required Traits: Genius, Eccentric, Inappropriate
Lifetime Wish: Monster Maker
Career: Medical

Gen 3: Late Night
Okay so, your parents were weird. You never were close to either of them, so you moved to the Big City, Bridgeport, as soon as you became a Young Adult. Even though you left behind the world of SimBots, you soon find yourself swept up in a world of fame, vampires, and a troubled love life.
Vampire Option:
Once moving to the big city, you become smitten with a mysterious Vampire you met at a nightclub. They have no interest in you, so you become a Vampire yourself to get their attention. When you still get rejected, you turn your anger toward happy Sims, WooHooing and turning married Sims into Vampires behind their spouses back.
Have at least level 8 Charisma Skill
Break up at least one marriage
Live in Bridgeport
WooHoo and Turn a married sim and break up their marriage, then marry and Turn their (now Ex) Spouse
Required Traits: Evil, Hopeless Romantic, Hot-Headed,
Lifetime Wish: Master Romancer
Career: Any

Fame Option:
Your passion for art and this new city give you big dreams. You pull out your script and are determined to make it big, but will your reckless behavior be too much for the public to handle?
Have at least two children out of wedlock and leave them to be raised by the other parent
Don’t have your Heir until you are an Adult
When you do settle down, it’s with your Butler
Required Traits: Charismatic, Daredevil, Star Quality
Lifetime Wish: Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous
Career: Film

Gen 4: Generations
As you grew up, you longed for a normal childhood. Your parents had money, sure, and you had everything you ever asked for, but they shipped you to boarding school and kept themselves busy with anything but you. You are determined to make your children truly happy.
Have at least three children and be Best Friends with all of them
Marry your High School Sweetheart or Imaginary Friend
Reach Level 7 Cooking Skill and Level 5 Handiness Skill
Be at least Good friends with all of your Grandchildren
Have your first Child immediately once becoming a Young Adult
Required Traits: Family-Oriented, Good, Nurturing
Lifetime Wish: Surrounded by Family (Grandchildren should count for this)
Career: Education

Gen 5: Pets
You were happy and secure as a Child, but all you ever wanted was the Pet you could never have: a Unicorn. You’ve heard rumors that they’re out there, and there has to be some truth to that, right? You bought a house with a barn and you love the horses and pets you have now, but something inside you is always longing for what you know in your heart is waiting for you.
Have one Dog, one Cat and one Horse at the same time at least once
Reach level 7 Riding and Cooking Skills
Have at least one of each Small Pet
Required Traits: Animal Lover, Easily Impressed, Loves the Outdoors
Lifetime Wish: Fairytale Finder
Career: Business

Gen 6: Showtime
Growing up with a pet Unicorn will give anyone a flare for the dramatic. You loved the attention your family got and crave that attention again after moving out. The Unicorn’s magic inspired you to do some of your own, though yours might not be as spectacular. The life of a Magician is the one for you.
Master Magician Hidden Skill
Marry another Performer
Move to Starlight Shores
Required Traits: Dramatic, Social Butterfly, Supernatural Skeptic
Lifetime Wish: Master Magician
Career: Magician Performer

Gen 7: Supernatural
Sure, your Parent was a Magician, but do you know what’s better than that? Real Magic. You know your Grandparents had a Unicorn, but for some reason there was no talk of any other magic at home growing up. You’ll show them all what real power looks like.
If becoming an Occult, you must be born a Human Sim
Marry a different Occult type than yourself. If Human, Marry any Occult.
Have Children until you have one of each parent (i.e, a Fairy-Werewolf pairing must have at least one Fairy Child and one Werewolf Child). There is a 50/50 chance that a Child will be either Occult type. If you do not get both, you can stop at five Children. Do not cheat unless doing the Bonus
If you were a Vampire in the Late Night Generation, do not pick Vampire again unless your Family since then has been Vampires (but I don’t know why you would want to do that)
Have five Children: one of each listed Occult type and one Human (This can be cheated)
Live in Moonlight Falls
Occult Options: Fairy, Vampire, Werewolf, Witch
Required Traits: Gatherer, Green Thumb, Insane
Lifetime Wish: Magic Makeover
Career: Stylist
Traits: Proper, Loner, Hates the Outdoors
Lifetime Wish: Turn the Town
Career: Criminal
Traits: Dog Person, Absent-Minded, Neurotic
Lifetime Wish: Leader of the Pack
career: Military
Required Traits: Proper, Socially Awkward, Evil
Lifetime Wish: Zombie Master
Career: Fortune Teller
Non Occult Option:
Traits: Brooding, Gatherer, Supernatural Fan
Lifetime Wish: Alchemy Artisan
Career: Ghost Hunter or Fortune Teller

Gen 8: Seasons
If your heir is an occult and you would prefer to have a Human Sim, you can change them back but you cannot cheat it
Growing up, it was incredible to see everything the world had to offer. You saw Ghosts and Zombies, Magic and Potions, Flying Brooms, howling Werewolves, Unicorns, and everything the world had to offer. Except mundane. You want to know what it’s like to live a normal life. But is that what will make you happy? Or were you always destined for the strange and unusual?
Take Family Photos every Season at the Festival
Have a Garden with at least one of every Plantable Plant in game
Max Gardening Skill
Participate in Spooky Day every Fall
Live in Sunset Valley
Have a secret Alchemy Lab in your Sim’s Basement
Lifetime Wish: The Perfect Garden
Traits: Loves the Heat/Cold, Supernatural Fan, Over Emotional
Career: Scientist

Gen 9: University Life
Your whole childhood, you had an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. Any opportunity you had to learn, you took it. Ever since Elementary School, you’ve been dreaming of heading off to University, and now that you’ve graduated at the top of your High School class, that dream will soon become reality. Welcome to Sims University, try not to drown in the homework, it just creates so much paperwork for the administrators.
Attend University with the Major of your choosing
Be on the Dean’s List for at least two Semesters
Max one of the Skills that goes with your Degree:
Communication: Charisma or Writing
Business: Logic or Charisma
Science and Medicine: Logic or Science
Technology: Handiness or Bot Building
Physical Education: Athletic or Snowboarding
Fine Arts: Painting, Sculpting, or Photography

Live in the Dorms for your entire University stay
Be on the Dean’s List for every Semester
Lifetime Wish: Perfect Student
Required Traits: Bookworm, Frugal, Socially Awkward
By Degree:
Communication: Politics
Business: Business
Science and Medicine: Medicine
Technology: Law Enforcement
Physical Education: Professional Sports
Fine Arts: Art Appraiser

Gen 10: Island Paradise
Education was pushed really hard growing up. All homework and extra credit needed to be done rude after school, and missing assignments were worse than unacceptable. While you loved to learn, you need to just relax now, and you knew just the place. It’s been tor your dream to live in Isla Paradiso ever since you learned about it as a Child. You didn’t just want to live there, either. You wanted to make the archipelago your own.
Mermaid Option:
You noticed the mysterious fog the moment you flew in over Isla Paradiso. Once you discover that there are islands that have never been seen before, you know that you need to see them all.
Become a mermaid without using Lifetime Happiness Points
Live in Isla Paradiso
Marry another mermaid

Have a house on every Hidden Island (a small house is okay)
Explore every Scuba Diving Cave
Lifetime Wish: Grand Explorer
Required Traits: Ambitious, Loves to Swim, Perspective
Career: Lifeguard
Human Option:
Resort life has always been appealing, and after moving in, the life of luxury and relaxation calls to you. After finding the run-down, long forgotten Hobart’s Hideaway and getting the OK from City Hall, you know that only you have the vision to make it back into the upscale vacation spot it once was.

Live in a Houseboat at least until you are an Adult
Reach Level 7 Snorkeling or Scuba Diving Skill
Have your Resort be your only source of income
Own two Five Star Resorts
Lifetime Wish: Resort Empire
Required Traits: Schmoozer, Angler, Sailor
Career: None (Will own Resort)

Bonus Gen 11: Into the Future
You’ve always had big dreams. I mean, why live in the present when you can live in the Future? You studied your whole life to create a Time Machine, but when Emit Relevart showed up at your house, you just couldn’t resist going with him to see what the Future has to offer.
Meet your Spouse in the Future
Be Honored with a Legacy Statue
Change the Future to either Dystopian or Utopian
Live in the Future
Lifetime Wish: High Tech Collector
Required Traits: Bot Fan, Excitable, Genius
Career: Bot Arena
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I love this, am in the progress of doing one, the world adventures one is really awesome, though I want to change where they adopt to having a child of their own late in adulthood. Thanks for this
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