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Default The Orphans (Kinda) Challenge (BASE GAME FRIENDLY)
You’ll need:
  • A single or two (to keep accompanied) adult Sim
  • A lot (obviously)

Once you have the two Sims (their aspiration and personality doesn’t matter) set up in CAS, you can either
a) create the rest Sims as children, till the household is full of ū
b) adopt them from the phone consistency without skipping a day (unless you have a really good reason)

Here’s what you do & rules


Engage/trap the grown ups in a(n accessible) room, providing them with a bed, refrigerator, a counter, dishwasher, and a bathroom (sink not required). The room can be built with walls, fence, be floating doesn’t matter (just know they can’t interact with children nor there be access with the outside world / outdoors). >:D

For storytelling purpose, you can pretend these adults don’t exist (because of game limitation requiring a caretaker) and children are orphans that are living off-the street (hence the challenge’s name)

Outside, there should be the following accomadatrion for children:
  • A bathroom
  • A bed for each child
  • A easel for each child (for income)
  • A toy oven (so they don’t starve)
  • A bookshelf (to learn cooking, so they dont eat burn muffins)

Ok quick caveats: regarding bills, since adults don’t have access to mailboxs, they should be impossible to be reach and paid. This is intended, since that’s the point of a challenge. For storytelling, these children are abandoned on the street, fighting alone and the repo man is a thug/bandit/gang person that steals away their objects (like I said, it’s a street/hood they live) since well they’re powerless to do anything. I know, sad and cruel world it is.

Each children must live on the lot until they’re able to “Find Own Place”.

You lose if the children get taken away by the social service.
You win once the original adults (the ones that first started in this challenge) die before the children get taken away.
Though you can always repeat this challenge continously by having one of their children replace them once by staying on the lot even after turning adults and take over after their death.

Thoughts and feedback appreciated

P.S. Sorry for my bad english.
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Wow, this is a cool idea. When I read about "not being able to pay the bills" I was thinking, uh oh, how did the creator of this challenge work around that... and BAM! haha. The real interesting part of this challenge came into play. The repo man is the bad guy! haha. Also the fact that they will only be able to eat muffins from the toy stove. haha. That's rough. I imagine this is going to be crazy, but fun!

I love that people are still making challenges for Sims 2 since I love the game and always need new ideas to keep it fresh. I am trying this one today. Thanks!
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Can the adult build a house with cheats? (I'm thinking fun things for the kids to do. Oh, but you said "living on street", So maybe just things they could do, swimming. How about pets? then could pets get a job?). How many kids? Can they call repairman? pizza? - I didn't think there were enough food points in their muffins. Would think school would be a problem with no one to teach them to study. I've done SORT of the same thing, with an adult befriending every "orphan" child & teen in the hood (you know, those service teens, and game generated kids). Used cheats to befriend and move in. Then the adult dies; kids call nanny.
Don't know if I can stand the pathetic, complaining adult in this challenge.

Namaste... or "go"
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