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Default How to fix a neck edge which juts out and looks odd?
Hello everyone!

I'm not sure if this is the right thread, or if this should be in recolouring instead (if so, please let me know), but there is a hair I've downloaded with a neck issue.

I have tried downloading textures by other people, but they all have the issue, so I suspect it might be an issue with the mesh.

First of all, when viewed from the side, the edge of the neck sticks out a bit where the head joins the neck (I have attached a picture, there is a red arrow pointing to the edge so you can see).

It also looks odd when viewed from the back, I don't know how to describe it, but it doesn't blend in quite right? This is also shown on the attached picture.

I tried to find an alternative mesh, but I just really like this one and am reluctant to part with it.

Is this something I can fix?

Does anyone know how please? I have Milkshape and SimPE.

The mesh is Peggy 05141, for males, I have tried searching for a fixed mesh, but couldn't find one.

Thanks to anyone who can help
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I'm guessing that one comes from a bad head mesh - if it's an old hair by Peggy, that's pretty common. I've seen several hairs where the head meshes have borked normals, are misshapen in all directions, or generally don't look too good (already working on two hairs by Peggy with exactly these issues, initially fixing the "bright CAS bug" but ending up fixing neck gaps, heads, and what have you)

It also depends how far up the problem extends. There's some issues around the ears, too.

I'd probably extract the hair mesh, hide the hair, extract a bald mesh (amhairbald) as a GMDC/unimesh file with SimPE, and import it in, seeing if it would fit under the hair. If it works and doesn't poke through anywhere, I'd just replace that with the old one. It should fix the neck issues.

If that works it's possible the other ages might need fixing, too.

If the head has been heavily edited (possible) and the bald mesh just pokes through everywhere, you can fix it the same way you can align a top/bottom gap, making sure you align the head to the neck and not the other way around. Or use the extracted bald mesh and align the "borked" head to that one.

While you're at it, check if the mesh groups have the "hasTangentArray:" line, so it doesn't do the bright CAS problem - if you don't have the issue now, you could get it if anything changes in your computer setup. I found both the meggy meshes I had issues with had the line missing, but both the meshes were quite old, so it's possible some later meshes had this issue fixed.
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Thanks, yes, I think it is fairly old. Normally I just go "oh dear" and download something else, but I just really like this one, so thought I'd try fiddling with it.

I had a quick look at the other ages, the teen and child seem to have a gap (near the ear) instead of jutting out, I've attached a picture of the teen age.

Thanks for your advice, I'm very out of practice with meshing, so this all sounds complicated to me (probably as I've forgotten what most of it means). I'll need to refresh myself by reading a few tutorials perhaps.

I felt the same way about doing defaults at first, as I was so out of practice, but now I'm happy doing those, so hopefully I can relearn meshing bits and bobs too.

I think I will need to tackle it when I have a spare few hours (I'm expected at a friend's house in a couple of hours, and I tend to get anxious if I start something that needs brain power and I have a deadline). Hopefully I can get to it this weekend, I'll let you know how it goes.
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You can check if the CUhairbald and TMhairbald works if the adult bald hair works.

The teen mesh looks fairly normal except for the gap (which probably just needs the bone assignments fixed - the 6 vertices along the back body/neck gap from the bottom of the ears and down should be 50/50 assigned to the neck and head. It's possible that's all you'd need to do for the teen mesh if the rest looks OK). It almost looks like Peggy started out with a teen mesh and enlarged it for the adult head. Probably shrunk it for the child head.
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