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Default Pet stairs routing
I don’t know if there are any script modders active right now who work with routing much, but I figured I’d at least ask before I put this project away for the week.

I’m learning that stairs routing for kittens and puppies seems to be more complicated than for human sims: I’ve added placeholder animations just to use for testing the code, and edited the Stairs class the same way I did for toddlers to let baby animals use it; but that doesn’t seem to be enough, they still route fail.

I can get my debugging messages to report the reason for the route fail: DoRoute doesn’t succeed on the first try, so it’s retried, and then the code fails to even plan the route on the second try and says the destination portal is locked. I have a theory on why the portal is locked on the second try but not the first [edit: actually I think that theory was wrong - even adult cats who successfully use the stairs take two tries to do it, it looks like the first try is just routing *to* the stairs and the second is actually using them, so the portal being locked somehow on the second try really must be the root of the problem], but it doesn’t help me solve the issue, and I have no idea why the first try is able to plan the route but not execute it [edit: probably because the first try is only supposed to do part 1 of 2].

Would appreciate debugging advice if anyone has any!
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